Chapter Nineteen

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Chapter Nineteen: 

It was pretty much empty in the house. A fifth of the girls were out with Harry and the others went Christmas shopping at the shopping complex just a short ride away. I guess the producers were tired of the girls complaining about having nothing to do when they weren't out with the boys.

I don't know what they were talking about though, why leave the house when we had Netflix, food and wifi? Tumblr all day. Okay, not quite. I was getting antsy, being cooped up with girls was exhausting. I wanted to hike.

Which was the reason I was currently filling up a bottle of water, while wearing running shorts, a tank top and hiking shoes. I had talked to the people in charge (There was a guy with a goatee. He was chill.) and managed to convince them to let me go. I found a good hiking spot and bribed them into having one of the drivers take me there. Oh, the wonders that chocolate chip cookies will do. 

The sound of a cupboard slamming scared the gummy bears out of me, I literally jumped five feet in the air while assuming a ninja fighting position.

Liam grinned sheepishly at me. "Sorry for startling you. I thought you knew I was here, just not acknowledging it."

"I thought I was the only one here. Everyone else is out. Why are you here?" I grabbed a few paper towels to wipe up the little bits of water that had spilled when I had jumped. Liam snatched a few as well, leaning over to help me.

"Interview. Had to talk about my feelings," he smirked just a bit, as he took the wet paper towels from me to throw in the trash.

"Sounds lovely. Well, it was nice talking to you. But I'm off for a hike.." I informed him, capping my water bottle and hooking it onto the waist belt I was wearing.

Liam paused for a second, before speaking up. His features held a slightly hopeful expression. "Seriously? Can I come with?"

"Uh.. In that?" I motioned down to the button up plaid shirt and jeans he was currently in.

Liam blushed, just a tiny bit. His shoes scuffed against the hardwood floors. "Maybe we could stop by the boys and I's rental.. I could change real quick?"

"Actually.." I prepared myself to tell him no, but his face fell just a bit. He expected that answer. I thought about the chocolates he had given me just a few days prior. I sighed. "Yeah, I'd like the company."

I swear it was like I just told a four year he could have the last piece of pie. Liam's eyes lit up like a Christmas tree. "Yeah, cool, uh.. We can take my car then?"

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