7. Makeover

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Mom was serious about going to the mall right after dinner. A part of me was regretting my decision to ask for new clothes, but the other half kept insisting that new clothes would make me more popular. Maybe I could learn how to be cool if I dressed accordingly.

Freddy had decided to come with us since he needed new shoes. Though I was sure he was more interested in making fun of me than getting new sneakers. At least I could ask his advice about what kind of clothes I should get.

But when we stepped inside the mall, I immediately regretted saying anything. The whole place was filled with cool kids, and I knew I would never fit in, no matter what I was wearing. The kids were just lounging there with their cool phones, taking pictures of themselves. Some of them were doing pranks on each other while others were filming it. If they weren't on their phones, the girls talked about makeup and the guys were catcalling them, snickering if the girls looked at them.

The fact that they were hanging in a mall made my stomach twist unpleasantly. I didn't like that place. It was too crowded, and the only plants they had were made of plastic. There was nothing natural in that place. I couldn't see myself spending hours in there. That was why I would never fit in.

"That looks like a good place to start," Mom spoke, and I turned to see the store she was pointing at.

"Absolutely not!" Freddy chuckled. "Sky has enough grandpa clothes already. I know a place where we can get nice clothes."

We had no choice but to let him lead the way. Mom tried to suggest some other stores too, but Freddy shook his head every time. He had a determined look on his face, and it worried me.

Then, finally, he stopped and nodded his head towards a store on our left.

"That's where we can find good clothes for you," he said victoriously.

I peered in, and my head started to hurt. It felt like I couldn't fixate my eyes on anything since all the clothes were colorful, full of pictures or text. The store looked like it was designed by a madman on drugs.

"H-Here?" Mom spoke and peeked in. "Aren't these a little too... too much?"

"This is what the kids are wearing now. If Sky wants to blend in–"

"I didn't say anything about blending in!" I hurried to say.

"Oh, come on!" Freddy chuckled. "If this isn't about Max Peterson–"

"It's not!" I squealed and turned bright red on the spot.

Freddy stared at me for a moment with a knowing smirk on his face. Then he turned to look inside the shop and chuckled.

"Sure, sure..."

I bit my teeth together and marched through the doors. I could hear Mom muttering to Freddy, asking what Max had to do with me wanting to blend in.

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