A Serpent and His Rose [Walking Into The Lion's Den]

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***WARNING!*** Some material is graphic. ***WARNING!***

It was the morning of the Hogsmeade trip. You felt sick. You didn’t go outside of your room much since Felicia‘s suicide attempt, aside from attending class and eating. Felicia’s parents decided it was best for her to come home for break early, and help with the wedding plans. Draco was still here though, and he was becoming increasingly more persistent at trying to talk to you. Ever since the night you spent together, you had avoided him. It was a mistake. His wedding was only a week away. It made your heart break all over again the moment you woke up next to him. You vowed not to let it happen again.

Of course, this vow was increasingly difficult to uphold. That night was constantly playing back in your mind, as if on repeat, and it caused you to think about Draco. He was so gentle and loving with you. It was amazing. It filled your heart with regret, as you wondered what could have been if you had done it sooner. It was a more bitter than sweet moment, to say the least. You thought about this as you watched Tammy and Kasey getting ready for the trip.

“You need to get up or you’ll miss the Hogsmeade trip!” Kasey whined, pulling at your sheets. You ignored her and turned over in bed.

“What’s up Andy? We said it was a girls’ day remember?” Tammy prodded.

“I just don’t think that I’m up for it you guys.” you muttered.

“But why?! You have been acting so weird all week!”

“I’m just tired.”

“You really aren’t coming? I think it would be really good for you.” Tammy said, watching you take out your homework and begin to scribble on your parchment.

“No I think I’ll just stay and finish this.” you said quietly. Kasey shrugged and walked out the door, probably trying to catch Blaise before he made his way down to the carriages. Tammy stayed a moment longer before realizing you weren’t going to let up and followed Kasey out. The carriages left, and you sat in a depressed funk. That night with Draco was all you thought about. That and the fact that in 7 days, Draco and Felicia would be married. You replayed the conversation you and Draco had had a few days ago in your mind again.

“Hey Andy.”

You turned to find Draco behind you. You smiled, then bit your lip in an awkward kind of way.

“Hi.” was all you managed to think to say.

“Can I talk to you?”

“Yeah.” you said breathlessly. You hadn’t really talked to him since the night the two of you had spent together. He pulled you out of the hall and next to a suit of armor. The traffic of students flowed beside you, nobody really paying attention. Draco watched them for a moment then looked at you. He opened his mouth but no words came out.

“You look… great.” he finally said.

“Thanks.” you blushed.

“I mean it.”

“I know.”

“Listen,” he started. His tone changed, and your stomach began to sink. “The Wests’ want Felicia to come back early for break, to help. You know, before the…”

“Wedding.” you finished. He just looked at you. You felt your mouth twitch and you inhaled. You couldn’t cry. What had you expected? For him to call it off and be with you? Well, actually you had hoped for that…

“I don’t want us to regret the night we spent together.”

“I know.”

“It was amazing.”

“Yeah…” you trailed off. It really was amazing. Thinking about it again made you want to reach out to him. To touch him. You wanted him to touch you.

“So… I guess, I’ll see you?” he asked. You just nodded. You couldn’t speak and risk crying in front of him right then. You would save that when you ran up to your dorm.

That night, it felt like a good idea. It felt so right to have Draco, your first love, be your first time. And it was amazing. But now, it felt like there was a hole inside you. He took a piece of you with him. You thought of him with Felicia, getting the wedding in order. The thought literally made you vomit a few times the other day.

About an hour later, you set your quill down and looked out the window. The grounds were quiet, and you saw some second years running around outside by the lake. You smiled, thinking back to when you first arrived at Hogwarts. It was so much simpler then… Your stomach grumbled. You made your way down to the common room and found Adam laying on the couch.


“Hey! What are you doing here? I thought it was girls day or something…?” he asked, closing the book he was reading and sitting up.

“Oh right… well, I didn’t feel up to it. So, yeah…” you shrugged. He nodded. “I was just going to the Great Hall to try and find food. Care to join me??”

“I have something better.” he said. He pulled out a chocolate frog and handed it to you. You smiled and took it.

“I have some other stuff upstairs as well.”

“Cauldron cakes? They sound really great right now.”

“C’mon.” He said, and stood. You followed him up the boys dormitory staircase. He led you inside and opened his trunk. He pulled out some cauldron cakes and tossed them to you as you sat on the bed.

“Thanks, you are amazing.” you said. You glanced at the trunk and a glass bottle caught your eye. He pulled it out when he saw you eyeing it and took off the cap, handing it to you.

“I don’t know. I’m not much of a drinker.”

“I’ve seen you around lately.” he said, sitting on the bed next to you and taking a chug out of the bottle. “You look like you could use a little Firewhiskey.”

You hesitated, then took the bottle, drinking a sizeable gulp. Your throat burned and you coughed after you swallowed. Adam laughed.

“Such a woman.” he said, taking another drink. You scowled and grabbed the bottle, taking a larger gulp and holding back your coughs. Your eyes did seem to start watering, but you blinked it back.


“So why did you stay behind?”

“Well, as I recall my last Hogsmeade visit was with this amazing girl…” he said. You smiled, and took another drink. “And I was hoping to go with her again. But she didn’t feel like going so…”

“Adam…” you began, shaking your head.

“Just listen.” he said. You set down the bottle, not able to drink more for fear of getting third degree burns in your esophagus. “I was a jerk. I know that. And I’m trying to show you that I’m not the same person I was. The way I acted was unforgivable, but you are still here, talking to me. You are such a wonderful person, and you like to see the good in people. I wish I deserved you, but I know I don’t. I’m just hoping one day you will be able to give me another chance.”

He watched you closely, and you started to feel hot. Your were a little lightheaded, but that was probably from the alcohol. You stood and almost stumbled over. Adam caught you and stood you up again. You giggled as he held you in his arms.

“Thanks.” you whispered. You felt hot, and you looked around the room. Maybe you could open a window. You spotted Draco’s bed, right next to the window. You pulled away from Adam and unlatched the window. The breeze hit you. You touched Draco’s bed post tentatively, tracing the carvings with your index finger. His bed was unmade. You had a flash of the two of you, breathing heavily, rolling around under the sheets. Draco grabbing your hand, intertwining his fingers in yours, and burying his head in your neck as he pushed further inside of you. He kissed up your neck to your chin, then your lips. Then he began to thrust himself in you even faster, and you moved in sync with him. You grabbed the sheets, letting go completely and letting him take you there, to a point of pure ecstasy.

“Andy?” Adam’s voice broke into your mind and you looked back up. Adam had walked up to you and took your hand. “He’s getting married.”

“Yeah…” you trailed off, but you kept looking at the bed.

“I don’t understand.” Adam said after a moment, dropping your hand and shaking his head. You watched him, confused. His shoulders tensed up and his eyes had changed. They were darker.

“Adam I’m sorry…”

“You are? Really? Because I don’t think you really give a shit!” he exclaimed. You gasped, holding onto the bed post. “Here I am, making an ass of myself, confessing my feelings, and all you think about is HIM!” he suddenly grabbed your arms. You let out a small yelp, but were too shocked to scream.

“Let go!” you yelled. He tightened his grip more.

“I don’t think you understand. I’m done asking, Andy.” He hissed. You struggled, terrified trying to pull yourself out of his grip but he just held on tighter. You began to cry, knowing there was no one around to save you now.

“P-please just… l-l-let me go.” you whispered. He grabbed your hair and pulled it back. You cried harder. He buried his face in your neck. You tried to yell but it was getting harder to breathe. He pulled you around the bedpost and pushed you down onto Draco’s bed.

“What do you think he will do when he finds out I did this on his bed?” he laughed. Your eyes widened. He was going to rape you. You began trying to hit him, struggling. His nails dug into your flesh as he held you down. His weight on top of you was too much.

“Why are you doing this?” you cried.

“Oh Andy, I’ve been thinking about this for a very long time…”


“Since I first talked to you actually.” he said, stroking your cheek. You felt sick to your stomach now. But you didn’t fight anymore. He ran his hand over your breast and you broke down, crying.

“Something about you just… fascinated me. But you didn’t give me the time of day. I guess you could say, I developed a kind of obsession over you. Your hair…” he lifted a strand of hair and smelled it. “Your skin…” he bent down and kissed your neck. Your lips trembled, as he pressed up against you. You were trying to pull away again, but half-heartedly.

“But I could tell I wouldn’t get my chance. You love Draco. It’s a shame really. We could have been very happy together.”

“But… maybe we still c-can?” you said desperately. He just shook his head.

“No. Because now you are only saying that so I’ll let you go. I can’t have that. I’ve been waiting for so long. And your Draco isn’t here to get in the way.” He pulled your face to his and kissed you roughly. When he pulled away you spit in his face. He yelled and then his fist slammed into your face. Everything went white for a moment. You couldn’t even think as you clutched your left eye in pain. You felt Adam get up and you did the only thing you could. You rolled off the bed and scrambled for the door, still holding your face. Halfway across the room, Adam caught you by the hair again and pulled you back. You cried out in pain. He dropped you to the ground and kicked you. The air was knocked out of you instantly. His foot made contact again, kicking your stomach hard. You whimpered in pain, struggling to catch your breath.

Adam pulled you over so that you were laying on your back on the ground. He spread your legs apart and crawled between them. He ripped your shorts and you realized that this was actually going to happen. You couldn’t stop it. You sobbed, feeling helpless and dirty.

“I hear you’re a virgin.” he whispered. He leaned up and began undoing his pants, keeping one arm on you so you couldn’t try running again. He grunted as he rubbed his member against your pelvis.

“No… no, no, no, no….” you sobbed, closing your eyes. And with one final shove, he had done it. You screamed, as he thrust inside you. It hurt so much you could hardly stand it. Like your insides were ripping. He thrust even harder, and you kept your eyes closed, praying that it would end soon. But time seemed to slow down. Finally, with a grunt and a shudder, that indicated he was done, he got up. You curled up, pulling your arms close to you.

You watched Adam’s feet as he walked across the room to his trunk. He pulled out something, and walked toward you again. He pulled you up by the arm, dragging you onto Draco’s bed again. He threw you down and you saw a glint of silver. He was holding a knife. You gasped as he held the knife to your chest. The edge of the blade trailed down your chest to your top. He grabbed the fabric and cut it down the middle. You screamed but his hand quickly covered your mouth. Your muffled screams continued as pain seared throughout your body. Adam dug the knife in your skin and dragged it down your stomach. You knew he was going to kill you. You knew that now. You felt the knife dig into your skin on the other side of your stomach, and again across the middle. It was an A he carved into your skin. A giant letter A on your stomach. Your blood was dripping down your abdomen, and stained the sheets. Then he brought the knife up to your neck.

“I was your first, and now I’ll be your last.” he whispered.

You gasped for air through your sobs. You tried hopelessly to hold his arm with your free one and push him off. He just smiled, letting the silver blade rest against your skin. You didn’t want to give him the satisfaction. You mustered up enough energy to laugh at him. He stopped, staring down at you angrily.

“You weren’t my first…” you croaked, coughing and holding your stomach in pain. Adam hollered and picked you up, throwing you forcefully against the wall. Your head pounded in pain as blood spilt from the back of it. You slumped down and he walked toward you, knife poised to strike.

“LIAR!” he yelled. You just smiled, looking over at Draco’s bed. Adam’s eyes filled with anger. He leapt towards you and you screamed, holding your arms up over your head. He grabbed you and held your face in his bloody hand. “You let him take what was supposed to be mine! YOU DIRTY LITTLE SLUT!” He smacked you hard across the face. Then you felt the cold hard steel enter your body, stabbing you in the side. You gasped, and the world became silent. All you could hear was your heart beating. You felt the knife get tugged out of you and saw Adam raise it again.

“SECTUMSEMPRA!“ you heard as a slam from across the room sounded as the door flew open. Then everything happened so quickly. Adam screamed, blood pouring from his body. He fell forward, the knife missing you by centimeters. Your vision became blurry, and it was hard to breathe. You didn’t even see who was lifting you up from the floor when you passed out cold.

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