Chapter 1

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Ding. Ding.
I rang his doorbell his doorbell three times and there was no answer. So I tried the doorknob and of course it was unlocked. That was so him. What if there was some burglar, robber or some bad guys. He would get away with it anyway. Every human would melt at the sight of his smile, men and women alike.

He was storming down the stairs with a happy smile, when I pushed inside like he knew I'd come.

"Hey, miss. You are breaking and entering," He said.

His smile stopped suddenly when he saw my face. He swung back and forth, laughing uncontrollably.
"Wh-What happened to you?--HAHAHHAHA--What happened to your face? You look like a smurf." He finally managed to ask the questions, but still smiling very amusingly.
I was going to correct him, it was Smurfette but I was in a bad mood so I asked, I mean snapped "Are you gonna leave me standing in your doorway?"

"Oh. Come in, sweet." he said then stepped back to let me in. He led me to the sofa nearest to the door, but then he stopped and asked "Do you want to wash your---" He cracked a smile and gestured toward the sink in his kitchen.
He led the steps and he opened the faucet. He touched my lower back slightly and a shiver ran down my spine, I managed to ignore it because I didn't want to lose best friends. The one who I obviously dreamt of him in ways best friends shouldn't and also my other best friend, his girl friend.
I leaned low when the water flowed out and started to wash my face. I felt his eyes on me, and the heat in body rose up. I quickly splashed water on my face to cool myself down. I didnt know if I imagined it or sth but I felt his fingers moved on my back like he was tracing signs not just touching.
When I felt my face cleaned, I opened my eyes and saw the water kinda look blue with all the paints that was washed off my face. I straightened up and said "All gone, yet?". His hands lingered on for second and it felt almost like he was holding me. Almost, because he quickly took his hand away. He nodded, still smiling.

He came back with a towel and sat down beside me on the love seat next to me. But not close enough.
After a moment he asked, "So, what happened to you, Kris? Why didn't you tell me there was some paint splashing festival?"
I glared at him and said "Not funny," He grinned and I continued "I was walking home from the bookstore, when I turned the block there was just this stranger ran out from nowhere and splashed this blue thing on me. And that fucking someone just ran off. I was so pissed. Can you believe that? A stranger!,"
Even though, he was still smiling, a look of concerned washed over his face. He put his hands on my back and began rubbing down to ease my breath.

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