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A Serpent and His Rose [Study Session]

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You had an uneventful Herbology lesson before lunch. You and Tammy had the class together and just gossiped while digging through the dirt in search of Pinching Geranium roots for Professor Sprout. By the end of it all, you felt dirty and was in desperate need of a shower. Unfortunately, you had to settle for a quick scrubbing in the girls’ bathroom sink. After, you made your way to the Great Hall alone. Tammy was meeting her newest romantic endeavor, who goes by the name of Marcus, at the lake for lunch today. Leaving you to fend for yourself.

You sat at the end of the Slytherin table, away from the students who had already arrived for lunch. You picked at a salad, not having much of an appetite.

“Hey Andy.”

You looked up, surprised to see that Harry had sat down at the Slytherin table next to you.

“Hi!” you said, dropping the tomato you were rolling between your fingers absentmindedly. Then you hesitated. You hadn’t spoken to Harry since that night.

“I haven’t seen you around lately.” he said concernedly.

“I know. I just…” but you trailed off. Your heart quickened and your face heated up. Behind Harry, Draco was approaching fast, and you didn’t have time to escape. Harry turned and saw him as well, and stood up from his seat.

“Leaving Potter? I think that’s a great idea.” Draco sneered.

“No.” you said quickly, pulling Harry back down by his robes.

“Andrea--” Harry began, but you just turned to Draco.

“Harry, what were you saying? About Quidditch?” you asked, quickly.

“Right.” he said, quickly taking the hint. “We have our game coming up Thursday, and Ron and Ginny and I have scheduled a lot of extra practice sessions throughout the week…”

You kept your eyes on your salad the whole time Harry spoke, not daring to look up.

“He’s gone.” Harry whispered. You looked up at him, and just broke down. You felt so horrible. Not more than 24 hours ago you and Harry were practically a couple. Now here you were, a total mess over another guy. He didn’t deserve that from you.

“Harry. I’m so s-sorry.” you said, sniffling.

“What happened?“ he asked softly. You couldn’t bear to tell him the truth. That you practically threw yourself at Draco, without thinking of him at all. You just looked away, crying softly. Harry put his arm around you and hugged you.

“It’s okay Andy. I’m not a Slytherin jerk. I know you went through a lot with Draco, and if you need time then it’s okay.”

“I didn’t w-want to hurt you.” you whispered.

“Well… You did.” he said truthfully. He stood up and squeezed your shoulder. “You sure you’re okay?” he asked. You nodded. And with that Harry walked away, out of your life. For now anyway. It was hard to let him go, but you both knew it was for the best.

*    *    *    *

You were getting to be very good at avoiding and ignoring Draco. It probably helped that he didn’t go out of his dorm much besides to attend class. And now that you were focusing more on your schoolwork, your teachers were pleased with you. You spent most of your time with Kasey, Tammy, and Adam. You sat in your own little group at the end of the Slytherin table for dinner that night.

“Even with this wide selection of food, doesn’t it just feel like you eat the same thing every night?” Kasey said, poking her pudding. You rolled your eyes. Kasey was the definition of spoiled.

“I know. We are so tortured.”

“Shut up!” Kasey squealed. You were actually surprised. Kasey rarely detected sarcasm. Tammy took this opportunity to change the subject.

“Well, I for one am super excited about the upcoming Hogsmeade trip. I can’t wait to go shopping. It’s been like, forever! Are we making a day of it?” she asked the group.

“Oh not me…” Adam said.

“What? Why?” you asked, surprised.

“I need to catch up on some work. I’d rather just chill in the dorm.”

“Well your loss. Girls’ day?” Tammy asked. You and Kasey nodded. Tammy clapped her hands excitedly. You weren’t too thrilled about the Hogsmeade trip, but you have come to realize that getting out and being with friends helped you a lot lately.

“OMG. Felicia looks so hideous!” Kasey exclaimed, looking toward the Great Hall doors. You whipped your head around. Come to think of it, you hadn’t seen Felicia around at all. Not even in classes. You just figured she was with Draco, but now you weren’t so sure.

“Whatever. She deserves it. I mean have you heard how Draco treats her? Good riddance.” Tammy said. She turned back to her meal. But you still watched. Felicia chose to sit by herself, at the south corner of the Hall. She looked truly depressing, and you couldn’t help but wonder why. Felicia noticed you staring and her eyes darted to Adam before quickly returning to her salad.

“Yeah… Good riddance.” you agreed. But something inside you felt sorry for Felicia.

“Alright, Kasey and I need to go to see Professor Snape. Apparently we aren’t allowed to submit one essay with both of our names on it. Whatever.” Tammy said. You rolled your eyes as they both got up and walked to the dungeons.

“I commend you. I could not handle a day with those two.” Adam said, watching them go.

“Yeah… They can be a bit ditzy. But what choice do I have?”

“You could always hang with me. Help me with my Transfiguration homework. Fun?” he offered.

“Um… No not really.” you laughed. “Well I really would rather stay behind. But I already promised Tammy. But if you need help, I’m free tonight.”

“Well that sounds perfect.” Adam said, smiling. You and Adam walked back to the common room and you ran up to get your books. When you came back down, Adam had already situated himself in front of the fireplace.

“How about warming up first?” you asked. He looked around, then grabbed a blank sheet off parchment off the table and held it up like some cheesy muggle magician. You faked amazement. Then he held up his wand and muttered under his breath. You watched the paper begin to fold and shape itself. Rose pedals formed around a stem, and color leaked onto the paper like a marker was coloring it until Adam was left holding up a single red rose to you.

“Well that was impressive. And beautiful.” you admitted, taking it from him.

“I try.” he gloated.

“You aren’t as smooth as you think alright. Now c’mon, lets get down to business.” you said, setting the rose aside.

“Yes ma’am.”

You hit him in the arm and opened you book, turning to Professor McGonagall’s last lesson. You needed to master transfiguring a feather into a mouse. It was difficult, but you managed it on your second try in class. But when Adam attempted it, his feather merely grew a tail. The hours passed quickly, and people didn’t bother the two of you as you worked.

“Alright.” you yawned, looking at the clock. It was 11: 29 p.m. “I think we should call it a night.”

“I almost have it!” Adam said, chasing his feather, which now was a mouse’s body running aimlessly. It was a sight to see, and you laid down on the couch as you watched him run back and forth, zapping stupefying spells but missing by inches.

“I know… But I’m exhausted.” you said. Adam finally caught the tail of the mouse and held it up confidently. With a wave of his wand it became a feather again. He dropped it in his bag and lifted it up.

“Alright. Well thank you Andy.”

“Your welcome.” you said, smiling. You hugged him, and then picked up your own stuff. You said your goodnights and dragged yourself upstairs. You changed out of your uniform quickly and fell into bed. You laid there, watching the ceiling and thinking. Adam has really changed since the beginning of the year. He was really stepping up and being a great friend. You smiled, glad that you were starting to think of Draco less and less every night.


Felicia’s POV:

After you left dinner in the Great Hall, you walked slowly back to the dorms. You didn’t have any energy anymore. You just wanted to lay in bed and never wake up most days. When you saw Andy with Adam tonight, you felt even worse. You wanted to tell her, to warn her. But Adam was almost always with her these days. It gave you a knot of guilt at the pit of your stomach. You didn’t even want to imagine what he was planning. It disgusted you, and you felt dirty. How could you not realize how twisted Adam was? You were an idiot, only focused on your petty girl games and winning Draco. You didn’t really call this winning.

You went up stairs and curled into bed. Draco would warn her, wouldn’t he? You knew he was trying, but she wouldn’t stay in the same room long enough to give him the chance. You listened as girls moved around in the room behind the curtain drawn around your bed. Their lives must be so simple.

How could you face your family about this? You wouldn’t call the relationship you have with Draco that of a happy couple. But you were expected to walk down the aisle in 2 weeks, smiling and happy. And as the days pass, the guilt of what you had done was eating you alive. Draco won’t talk to you, and that night with Adam tortures you as it replays in your memories.

“Shhhh. Don’t worry. It will be over soon.”

You covered your ears, trying to muffle your thoughts. But you felt chills on your legs as you pictured his hands forcing there way up your skirt.

“Stop, stop, stop…” you whispered.

“I bet he doesn’t even look at you anymore.”

Tears filled your eyes. This was your life now. Living with Draco. Draco, who hated you, would be your husband forever. Pureblood families didn’t have the luxury of choices in marriages. Or of divorce. This guilt would be with you forever. Forever. You cried silently into your pillow. You couldn‘t live like this. You exhaled, making up your mind in that brief moment. You had to make it stop.

You would make it stop.

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