Chapter 8 - The Love Potion Antidote

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The next day, Harry woke up with a beaming smile. Last night was better than any thing he'd ever experienced in his whole lifetime. Even better than defeating Voldemort, which made Harry considered whether or not there was something wrong with him. But then again, with someone as attractive as Hermione, who could blame him? With her curly brown hair, gentle eyes and lips soft and delicate. Just then, the sound of three knocks rung around the room and with it Hermione.

"Morning Harry..." greeted Hermione in a rather shy voice.

"Morning Hermione." Harry's mouth stretched from each side revealing a huge grin. As he did so, Hermione bit her bottom lip and smiled too. She walked towards Harry and sat near the edge of his bed. They both looked at each other with smiles that soon faded away to allow their lips to meet. It had only been a mere ten seconds before Hermione pulled away only this time with a stern face.

"Harry, I don't mean to ruin the moment and all but, what exactly are we doing? What about Ginny or-well-Ron?" she asked in a concerned tone.

"To be honest, I'm more worried about Ginny than Ron. She's been ignoring me a lot recently and I'm not sure why." Harry tensed his jaw and thought between two possible reasons. He himself has done something or the other option, Ginny has done something. Selfishly, he was hoping it was headed towards the Ginny option. Hermione interrupted the gloom that is his mind and spoke.

"I recall seeing Ginny just a couple of days ago. She was acting sort of...strange. I asked her about it and at first she didn't tell me but she soon gave in." Hermione paused and made Harry irritated to know what Ginny has said. She hasn't answered any sooner so Harry decided to force it out of her.

"What did she tell you?"

"She told me that-um- she and-uh-"

"Hermione just please tell me!" shouted a now impatient Harry. Hermione looked at him with a serious face and let in a deep sigh before settling herself. Harry knew she wasn't one to tell on someone, but he just had to know.

"She told me that Dean kissed her unexpectedly and, acting by disbelief, she kissed back. She of course felt guilty for liking the kiss and-Harry where are you going!" Quick footsteps echoed the corridor that connected the rooms inside the dormitory. A clunk and a click soon followed from the front door. Trudging through the hallways, Harry made his way to the seventh floor into Ginny's dorm, hoping she hadn't decided to eat breakfast yet.

The door with the fat lady leading to the Gryffindor common room swung open after Harry recited the password. He went up to the girls' dormitories and knocked on the door. Muffled voices came before the door was held open by none other than Parvati Patil. Haven't seen her in a while, Harry thought and considered to catch up with her, but seeing as he is in the middle of something...

"Hello Parvarti, I don't mean to be rude but I was wondering if I could talk to Ginny." Parvarti was just opening her mouth in response until a familiar figure snuck behind her.

"Harry? You said you needed to talk to me?" Ginny, after several days, stood right before him as he froze transfixed.

"Oh yeah-Parvarti can we get some, er, privacy?" said Harry after what felt like a long time. With this, Parvarti nodded then left, shutting the door behind her. The room suddenly filled with an eerie silence. Neither Harry nor Ginny spoke a word.


"Ginny why would you do that to me? Why would you ignore me for-what was it- five days and not tell me anything about it?-" It felt as if a raging fierce monster was threatening to come out. Harry didn't think twice about raising his voice. He has kept his feelings for Hermione for way too long and look how that ended. Not so bad, yes, but only after many painful experiences.

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