A Serpent and His Rose [Sinister Savior]

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You just needed to remind yourself to breathe. You wouldn’t cry if you kept breathing. In, out, in, out… The water splashed your face, cold and icy. You shivered violently underneath it but did not turn the shower knob to a warmer temperature. You jumped out of the shower in under 5 minutes and toweled off. You could not risk being late to Transfiguration lesson.

You wiped the mirror with your towel, revealing a very tired and miserable looking Andy looking back at you. The last thing you wanted was for everyone else to see what you were seeing right now. You did a drying spell for your hair, and styled it to fall in loose curls over your shoulders. Then you added some eyeliner and mascara and a clear gloss on your lips. At least now you looked like your world hadn’t gone to shit.

Breathe in. Breathe out. In, out, in, out. You can do this.

You didn’t mind missing breakfast as you made your way to Transfiguration. You didn’t have much of an appetite. The rustling of shuffling feet that erupted from below as you reached your destination let you know that breakfast had just gotten out.

“Ms. Rose, why so early?” Professor McGonagall asked, sitting at her desk.

“Just getting a head start I guess.” You said lamely. You looked around at all the empty desks, wondering where you could possibly sit. Your assigned seat was right next to Draco. You would sit on the other side of the room with Harry, but you knew Ron or Hermione would never trade with you to sit on the Slytherin side.

“Professor? Do you mind if I sit a little bit closer to the front today?” you asked.

“Well sure Ms. Rose. I’ve noticed this semester you have not been performing to your usual standards. I think that would be a great way to focus up if you want to do well at the end of the year.” she said, giving you a knowing look. You really didn’t like the idea of her knowing about you and Draco, but you just nodded and walked to the second row of desks where Adam sat. You would have preferred to sit with Tammy, but your excuse wouldn’t really hold up with Professor McGonagall.

By the time your classmates arrived for the lesson, you were already halfway through the chapter you were covering today. You didn’t look up until you heard a little cough. A Slytherin girl by the name of Valerie Hudson was looking at you questioningly. You smiled.

“Oh I’m sorry, but I’ve talked to the Professor about changing seats. But the seat next to Draco is available.” you said, and Valerie’s eyes lit up excitedly.

“Thanks!” She whispered, squeezing your arm in appreciation. You just looked away, disgusted at every Slytherin girl and how willing they were to just throw themselves at Draco. Adam walked up and sat down next to you, watching Valerie walk to the back of the room and sit next to Draco’s empty seat.

“Andrea Rose! Long time no see.” He said, eyeing you.

“I’m sorry Adam. I’ve been pretty distracted from the rest of the world lately.”

“I’ll forgive you. Only because I get to sit next to this gorgeous girl all morning.”

“You are cheesy.” you said, rolling your eyes.

“Gouda babe. Only the best for you.”

You couldn’t help looking up and smiling. He is the corniest guy you have ever met. But you wished you hadn’t, because you caught a glimpse of the last people to enter the classroom. Draco and Felicia walked in the classroom and made their way to their seats. Draco slowed as he realized Valerie was sitting in the seat next to his, and his eyes darted around the room until they spotted you. You looked back down nervously, fearing that any eye contact would cause you to start crying right in the middle of the room.

“He’s a jerk.” Adam whispered.

“Yeah…” you said uncomfortably. You opened your book and didn’t say another word as Professor McGonagall started her lesson.


Adam’s POV:

When you walked out of Transfiguration, you couldn’t help but chuckle in victory. This was going to be a lot easier than you thought. Andy stayed after class to discuss something with Professor McGonagall, but you didn’t mind it. You had plenty of time before the Hogsmeade trip next week to get your plan off the ground. Besides, you needed to run back to your dorm to get your History of Magic book.

You were so giddy that you even started to whistle as you took the stairs back down from your room two at a time. But crossing the common room, you froze. Draco was storming toward you, and Felicia was following him. She looked frightened and kept pulling at Draco’s arm.

“What are you doing here?”

Without any warning, he grabbed you and pinned you the wall by the neck. Your book slipped out of your hands and fell the ground, almost into the fire.

“Draco!” Felecia screamed, but didn’t dare try to pull him off.

“Get the fuck off!” you yelled, struggling. You gasped as his fist drew back quickly, and then that air was knocked out of you as Draco began punching you. You fell to the ground, and he stood and pulled his wand out. You flailed to grasp for your own, but Draco stepped on your hand, and you let out a roar of pain. You were pinned helplessly to the ground, and Draco bent down until he was in whispering distance.

“Felicia told me everything, you sick twisted fuck. If you even touch Andy again, I swear to God…” he trailed off, shaking his head and pushing his foot down harder on your hand. You let out a low whimper of pain.

“Draco stop!” Felicia yelled, tugging at his arm. He pulled away furiously. She yelped and lowered her arms. He looked at her with disgust before stalking out of the common room. Felicia watched him go, tears streaming down her face. You sat up holding your lip, which was cut and gushing blood. And you began to laugh. You laughed harder than you ever have. Almost maniacally. This was too perfect! He was making this so much more fun, and you couldn’t wait to see the look on his face when he gets back from the Hogsmeade trip. You looked up to see Felicia watching you, fear and confusion on her face.

“What exactly did you tell him?” you asked menacingly, standing up slowly. Felicia’s eyes widened in fear and she turned to run. You leapt at her and grabbed her by the hair, throwing her down to the floor. She screamed and struggled as you got on top of her and grabbed her arms.

“I told you I didn’t want to do this anymore!” she cried, pulling her arms to no avail.

“It’s too late now princess! What did little Draco say when he found out about us, huh? Do you think that helped anyone, opening your fucking mouth?! I bet he doesn’t even look at you anymore.” you said, smiling. Her arms went limp as she looked up at you.

“Yes.” she whispered. Her shame on her face fueled your excitement even more.

“Well you broke your promise to me. And now look at me…” you pointed to your lip and your nose. She turned away, but you grabbed her face and pulled it back. You kissed her roughly, and she began to squirm. She used her now free arm to try and push you off. But you just laughed at her pointless attempts of self defense.

“You know me Felicia. I like a little struggle. And you need to pay for what you did to me.”

“Please s-s-stop!” she sobbed.

“Shhhh.” you stroked her face, and she pulled away, crying. Then you licked your lips, and tugged roughly at her skirt. “Don’t worry. It will be over soon.”

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