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A Serpent and His Rose [Mrs. Malfoy]

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You couldn't stand going to class, but you didn't want to get sent home now that you and Harry were... well, hanging out. You wouldn't call it dating, since you didn't go anywhere. Anyway, you started to go to class regularly again, even though you were so far behind and didn't follow very much anymore. You sat with your head resting on the palm of your hand, your foot tapping the side of the desk rhythmically. Your eyelids began to feel heavy as Professor Binns began to "go into greater detail" on the giant wars. You felt something knock your elbow and you looked around, which caused you to look in Draco's direction. He seemed to have been watching you, but looked down when you saw him. You looked to your elbow and saw a crumpled piece of parchment. You took it and opened it under the desk.

Astronomy Tower
8 o'clock?

You looked up at Harry, who was watching you. You smiled and nodded, and he smiled back sweetly.

"Miss Rose?" Professor Binns called.

"Yes Professor?" you asked, your eyes snapping up to the floating ghost in the middle of the room.

"Do pay attention won't you? Gracing is with your presence may be good enough for you, but it isn't for me. Now then, when and where was the war between the clans of Galdar and Wanchak?" He asked. You raised your eyebrows slightly, but stayed silent. Hermione raised her hand enthusiastically.

"Yes Miss Granger?" he asked, turning away from you. You rolled your eyes at his disapproving looks. If he wanted an answer he should've called on Hermione in the first place.

"Smooth." you heard. You turned toward Draco, who was leaning back in his chair and watching you.

"Like you knew the answer?" you whispered.

"Touché." he said, smirking. You bit your lip as you turned around. Not because of embarrassment, but because that was pretty much the first thing Draco had said to you that wasn't filled with bitterness and resentment.

Class finished and you closed your book, thankful you no longer had to listen to the droning voice of another teacher lecturing that day. You were in the middle of the pack leaving the classroom when you felt somebody bump against you. You turned to see Harry.

"Watch it, Potter." you said, a tugging smile on your lips.

"Watch it yourself, Rose." he said, playfulness in his eyes. You gave him one last "glare" before leaving, heading for the dungeons.

*    *    *    *

You set your stuff down and glanced at the clock. It was almost dinner time. You pulled up your hair and put a clip in it to keep it up before pulling off your uniform. You picked out a pair of jeans and two tanktops that you layered over each other. You grabbed a sweater and made your way down to the common room.

"Where are you off to?" you heard. You turned to see Adam sitting on the couch.

"Jesus you scared me." you said, putting a hand to your heart. You hadn't seen him and you were quite jumpy when that sort of stuff happened.

"Sorry. Going down to dinner?" he asked, checking the clock. It was now 4:52.

"Yeah. Care to join me?" you asked, holding out your arm.

"Delighted." he said, taking it. The two of you walked down to the Great Hall together, discussing each other's holidays and life in general.

"I've noticed you haven't been around during dinner lately." he said as you sat at the table, digging into a big bowl of soup.

"Yeah. I mean, who doesn't want to sit at a table packed with people who hate you? Totally not awkward at all." you said sarcastically.

"I'm always here. You don't have to starve because everyone else in this house is an idiot." he said, lowering his voice towards the end. You laughed.

"Thanks, I'll keep that in mind." you said. You talked to Adam about pretty much everything and ate at a snails pace. Before you knew it, the hall was full of sound as everyone came down to dinner. The Slytherins eyed you, but didn't say anything. Surprisingly, neither did Draco. He did shoot Adam a somewhat evil glare before sitting with Felicia and Blaise as always. You noticed this and looked toward the Gryffindor table. Harry wasn't there.

"Well, this was fun." you said, dabbing your mouth with your napkin and getting up.

"Going back to the common room?"

"Uh... no. I'm just gonna walk around." you said. He nodded and you walked out of the Hall, then began the journey up the staircases to the Astronomy Tower.

You pulled your sweater tighter as you walked out onto the Astronomy Tower. It was dark now, and the stars were out. You gazed up at them for a moment before looking around. You spotted Harry off to the edge, leaning forward on the wall. You came up behind him and poked him in the side.

"Hey." you said, smiling. He pulled you into a hug before letting you go and looking back at the grounds, his arm still around your waist.

"So did you have anything planned for tonight?"

"What could I possibly plan for us to do that won't involve people seeing us together?" he asked.

"Wow. Harry Potter doesn't know what activities a guy and a girl could do alone together?" you asked, smirking. He raised an eyebrow but you cut him off. "Don't even think about it." you said, nudging him away.

"Think about what? This?" he asked, and before you knew it his lips crashed down on yours. You smiled against his lips as he pulled you closer. His tongue brushed your lips and you opened them gladly. His hands ran across your stomach then to your back. He lifted you onto the stone wall, him standing in between your open legs. You pulled his head to yours, wrapping your arms around his neck. Harry's hand slipped up your shirt and stopped on your breast. He lifted your top over your head, and as you continued your kissing you felt yourself become hotter. Your heartbeat quickened as his hands touched your bare flesh, and you wanted more. Your mind was cloudy, and all you felt was wanting to be close to him. You lifted his shirt, feeling the muscles on his arms and chest. You tossed it aside and kissed him hungrily, wrapping your legs around him. You felt his skin, your nails trailing on his back lightly. He made a noise you couldn't quite make out, but soon you realized it was a good noise when you felt him harden against your inner thigh. He kissed your neck, then down your collarbone to your chest, and you felt his hand reach down to the top button of your jeans. He undid it and began to slide your zipper down slowly when you reached out and took his forearm, stopping him.

"Oh my god..." you said, taking your legs from around him and sliding off the wall.

"Andy, it's okay--"

"I-I... have to go." you said, bending down to get your sweater and tanktop.

"Andy, wait!" Harry said. You pulled your shirt on as you ran back into the castle and down the stairs. You couldn't believe what had just happened. You bit your lip in worry as you went down the many staircases toward the dungeons, thinking about what had happened. It didn't make sense. You opened the common room and walked inside, tugging at your hair that was now down over your shoulders. You guessed somewhere during Harry and your little get together, your hair clip must have fallen out.

"Andy?" you heard. You turned to see Kasey and Blaise sitting on the couch.

"Huh?" you asked absentmindedly.

"Where have you been? You look--" Kasey began but stopped, studying you more closely.

"I was studying. I'm tired." you said abruptly before going up the girls staircase. When you were changing into your pajamas you couldn't stop thinking about it. You barely caught yourself up there, meaning there was a very good chance you and Harry would have had sex. And the more you thought about it the more it made sense. Harry was so safe. With Draco, you were always on your guard. Every time he began to get grabby you stopped him. But with Harry it just happened... It was strange. You always thought it would be the other way around. But maybe it is more than just that. Maybe you are throwing yourself into a nice guys arms, after what Draco has done to you. You lay in bed, thinking until you couldn't think anymore. Finally you fell into an uneasy sleep.

*    *    *    *

Draco's POV:

You watched Andy during class, something you found yourself doing more often. How did you screw this up? was the only question you asked yourself. She sat quietly and seemed to be spacing out. She tucked a strand of hair behind her ear, and crossed her legs, causing her skirt to inch up. You wanted so much to be able to touch those legs again. Suddenly, your train of thought was broken as a piece of paper flew into Andrea's arm. She looked around and caught a glimpse of you looking at her. Then she looked away quickly, opening the note and reading it. When she looked up across the room and smiled, you followed her eyes to Harry sitting on the Gryffindor side.

What the hell was she talking to him for?

"Miss Rose?" Professor Binns called.

"Yes Professor?"

"Do pay attention won't you? Gracing is with your presence may be good enough for you, but it isn't for me. Now then, when and where was the war between the clans of Galdar and Wanchak?" He asked. Andrea stayed quiet until Hermione Granger took over.

"Smooth." you said. It was the first thing you said to her in weeks that wasn't hurtful. But the longer you went without speaking to her, the unhappier you became. This seemed like the easiest way to get back on speaking terms in a way.

"Like you knew the answer?" she whispered.

"Touché." you said, smiling. It felt so good to talk to her again. You didn't say anything else, just watched her. At the end of class, Andrea quickly slid her books into her bag and headed for the door, and a piece of parchment slid off the desk and onto the ground. You hesitated, remembering the note being from Harry. You picked it up quickly and filed out of the classroom with the other students. Once you got away from everyone you opened it.

Astronomy Tower
8 o'clock?

You froze, not believing your eyes. What on earth could they be doing together? Stuffing the note into your pocket, you went straight to the common room. The note was the only thing on your mind throughout the entire day. It sat in your pocket taunting you. By dinnertime, you knew you had to follow them. You made your way to the Great Hall, sitting next to Felicia at dinner.

"How is my Draco today?" she asked, kissing your cheek.

"Fine." you said, keeping your eyes on Andy and Adam talking at the other side of the room.

"Draco you could at least look at me when you are talking to me. If we are going to be married--"

"We don't know that we will be married, Felicia. We discussed this." you said flatly, taking a bite of your pie.

"Well from the looks of her, she isn't thinking about you. Why don't you just give up on her and accept that she has moved on?" Felicia snapped. You gave her a cruel glare.

"I wasn't thinking about her."

"Right." she sniffed. You cursed your parents for picking Felicia as a wife for you. She did nothing but complain, and she looked fake with her dyed her and make up. Not like Andy, who always looked so beautiful. You glanced toward Andy again, and saw that she had left. You stood and dropped your spoon onto your plate.

"Draco where are you going?" Felicia asked.


You practically ran out of the Great Hall and into the Entrance Hall. You didn't see anyone, so you made your way up the stairs two at a time. You were probably just suspecting the worst.

Andy wouldn't go for a guy like Harry, would she? Saint Potter! HA!

Just thinking about it makes you sick. You made it to the Astronomy Tower Entrance and began climbing up the winding staircase to the top.

Andrea would not get over me so quickly would she? She said she loved me. It can't be... she is supposed to be with me!

You slowed down as you made it to the top of the tower, feeling the chilly air as it made its way through the door left ajar. You listened for a moment, but didn't hear any voices. Maybe she didn't meet him after all?

You inched toward the door and peeked through the crack. You could barely see anything, so you inched it open a little more. They were standing at the edge, looking out onto the grounds. You continued to watch, irritated that you couldn't hear what they were saying. Then your heart stopped. It felt like your world was caving in as you watched the scene unfold. Your hand clenched into a fist as you held back the urge to get your wand and murder Harry right then and there. The anger that boiled through you as Harry stood in between Andrea's legs, his hands on the her hips, it was almost too much. But you couldn't tear your eyes away, when Andy's shirt hit the floor, and Harry moaned into her the way you once had, touching her where only you had touched before, your heart seemed to stop altogether.

You tore back down the staircase, nearly tripping in your hurry to get far away from this place. Felicia was right... She was over you. The only girl you ever loved was gone. Once you made it back to the common room, you went up to your dorm and slammed the door angrily.

"What's wrong?" Felicia asked. You saw her lying in your bed, and you couldn't believe how desperate she was.

"Why are you here?" you asked angrily.

"I'm your fiance..." she said, sitting at the edge of the bed.

"Goddamnit... Felicia you know this is all a sham! Why are you doing this?" you yelled. She looked taken aback, then she got up and held your head in her hands. You wanted to pull away, but had no strength to.

"Because. It's what we do. Every pureblood family in our circle. If I were to reject the old ways, my father would never forgive me." she whispered. You thought about this, realizing the truth in her words. And as you pictured Andy up in the Astronomy Tower right now, you didn't see a reason to fight it anymore. She was gone, and maybe it was for the best.

"Then I guess we need to start planning a wedding. Mrs. Malfoy."

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