{Author's Note - Thank You & Important Update}

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{ First, I just want to thank you all for 13.1k reads. It seriously means the world to me, and as a newbie in the writing community, I really appreciate all of your support. So sorry I haven't updated in a while... I've been really busy with my cosplaying lately, so I apologize if I've been a bit neglectful to this story. Please do check out my new Kuroshitsuji fanfic 'Do Not Go Gentle', though! I currently have both this story and DNGG story boarded, and I am just trying to figure out how to tie this one up and get to the meat of DNGG. I must admit, this story is going to be longer than I anticipated (Around 6-10 chapters), but I do hope that none of you have gotten lost or bored! I anticipate anywhere from 5-10 more chapters here. I know I usually put A/N's at the end of chapters, but chapter 26 is still in progress and should be done very soon; I don't want anyone thinking this story is on hiatus or that something bad has happened... just a quick update.

One more thing: I've been thinking about making a hashtag that you guys can use on social media for spin-off's, cosplays, fanart, ideas for future chapters-sequels etc... I don't know if this story is popular enough yet, but I wanted to invite my readers to add/contribute to this story as much as possible before it's completed, and even continue its 'legacy'. I really love reading all the comments I've gotten and responding/talking to people who enjoy my work. You all have made my life better and richer since I've joined Wattpad, and my self-esteem, skills and appreciation for writing has drastically risen since I've started gaining recognition, support and feedback from everyone. So tell me what you think? If I were to create the hashtag it would be #fadefic - I don't mean to come off as conceited or anything... I'm not sure if there's a way you can make a hashtag for something you've made without coming off that way, but I just really wanted to thank you all and invite you to contribute and share this story.

This particular story has grown on me quite a bit, and I even decided to cosplay this version of Demon Ciel (a picture is attached), and this entire experience has inspired me a lot. I really cannot thank you enough. Oh geez, now I sound like I'm ending it or making a speech or something... I'll get to the rest of it, then!

I will add that there will be a sequel for this story; I cannot disclose the premise, because I don't want any spoilers for the rest of this one, but I thought I's tell you all as this story is almost over. If there is anything you'd like me to add to the story, and questions you have or any ideas for me etc... please feel free to comment or message me! Thank you again.

Mika }

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