39-Operation Diana and Harry

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Harry p.o.v
The boys have help me make a plan to ask Diana out for about a week and we are finally ready. We told the girls everything for they can help they were really excited about it.
I hope this goes well.

Diana p.o.v
Right now we were all at Fatima's and Louis's house and we were all bored
"I know what we can do" Lou says
"What?" I ask
"Lets play hide and seek" he says
"I'm in" Harry says the rest of us nod
"Diana you count" Niall says then they all run to hide
"I guess I have no choice" I say to my self
After I was done counting I went to look for them I first find Lou then Fatima they were helping me find the others, we then found Michelle, Niall Julie, Zayn and then Abby and Liam we just needed to find Harry the others send that they didn't want to find him so I was alone Abby told me that Harry was hiding somewhere in the guest room
I walk in the guest room and there is a desk in the middle of the room it had a piece of paper on it the paper had questions on it I answered them
1. What's the 1st name of the guys in fresh prince of bell air? __ smith
Answer: will
2. What is the letter after T ? __
Answers: U
3.whats the opposite of stop? __
Answer: go
4. In a baseball, 11 strikes you're __.
Answer: our
5. To find the area of a rectangle you multiply length x __
Answers: width
6. Do Re _ Me Fa Sol La Ti Do!
[] yes [] no

It all says will you go out with me? I turn around and see Harry.
"Will you be me girlfriend?" he said nervously
"Yes!" I say with a smile
He walks up to me and gives me a passionate kiss.

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