Gabby: I can't believe that I am one month away from having my babies.

Justin: It seems like week have past quickly.

Gabby: I still don't know the names.

Justin: We decide together.

Gabby: I know.

Justin: Do you have any names in mind?

Gabby: No.

Justin: That is very useful.

Gabby: I know.

Justin: How about Justin something?

Gabby: Needs work but how about Christina Gabriella for the girl.

Justin: I like it. Now for the boy.

Gabby: I don't know. I do know that I have to do my homework.

Justin: Why?

Gabby: Because if I am going to be a teen mom I am going have I study hard and have a great future with them and you.

Justin: All right I will leave.

Gabby: Who said you have to leave?

Justin: No no no. You want better future for everyone so I am leaving.

Gabby: Justin get back here right now.

Justin: I have to pick up my brother-

Gabby: I got it.

Justin: What.

Gabby: Justin Emmanuel.

Justin: That's perfect.

Gabby: I know I came up with it.

Justin: Wait what about the last name?

Gabby: Well they are going to have my last name.

Justin: But we are getting married.

Gabby: Both of our names.

Justin: I guess that can work.

Gabby: Christina Gabriella Santos Goodwell.

Justin: And Justin Emmanuel Santos Goodwell.

Gabby: It's perfect.

Justin: I know.

Gabby: Justin,

Justin: Yes,

Gabby: I love you.

Justin: I love you too.

Gabby: I wish I didn't have sex with James. Or be pregnant with his babies.

Justin: Why?

Gabby: I want them to be yours.

Justin: It doesn't matter I will love you and them no matter what.

I turned around and he kissed me on the lips. He let go. I grabbed him and I kissed him back. I was running my fingers through his hair. He tries to pull me closer but since I have the babies he can't. Justin picks me up and takes me to my bedroom. He lays me on the bed. He lays next to me and starts to kiss me, he stops

Justin: I love you Gabriella.
Okay guys so that is it for this week and I hope you like it. BTW it's not done. Next week will start one month later.
I started a new book. It's called No Need go read it please.
Spoiler: Gabby is going to give birth.
Update Next Week between Thurs-Sat.

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