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A/N: football = soccer, just fyi

Dear Luke,

Yeah, I think I'm free on the 12th. I mean, I literally have no social life, so I have no reason to be busy. But why?

Mali walked in on me watching Straight to DVD for the first time, right at the part where Jack was yelling about fucking a burrito... You know the part I'm talking about.

I thought you would but I wasn't sure... I'm glad you like it :)

Haha, tell him I said hi back!

I just got back from a football game at my school. Even though I hate pretty much everyone on the team, I still like to watch them play... I wish I was on the team, but I know I'd never survive. Football was my first love, before music, but I had to stop playing when I... Well, when I stopped eating. I was too weak to play, and now I'm too scared to start again. I feel like I've lost all my supposed skills and I don't want to take lessons with five year olds, you know... Oh well. On most days it doesn't bother me too much, seeing as I have other things to worry about and to distract myself with. I just wish I had someone to play against sometimes. Maybe I'll figure out a way to play by myself, but for now, I'll just content myself with watching matches on tv and at school.

I don't see you as the type to play football honestly, but I gotta ask: do you like football? Don't disappoint, Hemmings.


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