13// Tori

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So, the rest of the BBQ was awkward and that's an understatement. Derek disappeared into his house and never resurfaces again, I'm not an idiot I'm probably the reason for that one.

What's worse is that Grace abandoned me for half the evening, she went off talking to a guy Deacon introduced as Jack, they started talking, and then she was gone.

So, I can say I've had better evenings, Deacon has been great making me laugh, mostly calling his brother an ass, which I can't argue on because he is.

But I think the best part of the whole evening was getting to spend some time with Daisy, you can't help but just fall in love with those chubby cheeks of hers and her smiles, she's definitely warmed her way into my heart these last few weeks that's for sure.

But even though I loved spending time with her, I'm still annoyed with Grace.

"Why do I get the feeling your mad at me?" I heard Grace mumble from the side of me as I try and hold her up as we head back to my house, she had a few more beers than she should have had.

"Because I am! You drag me to the damn thing in the first place, when I didn't want to go. And then halfway through you ditch me for a guy, so yeah, I'm mad Grace, but we'll talk about it when your sober" I argued, there's no point in getting into this now with her when she's drunk, because more than likely she won't remember the conversation in the morning once she wakes with a hangover.

"I'm sorry okay.... it's.... that guy Jack.... he's.... hot and... -;" She stumbled out but then suddenly stopped once we reached the steps of the beach house.

"What is that...?" She asks pointing to something in the dim night lights. Following her stare to see something flicking in the light, turning around to Grace, and let go of her.

"Stay," I said to her and left her in the spot as I walk towards the steps.

"Woof..." I heard her drunkenly laugh from behind me, shaking my head, and sighed. I just want to go to bed and sleep. Is that too much to ask for...

Taking a step up the first step and bent down to pick up the teddy bear's body along with its head that is no longer attached to the body.

Holding them both in my hand and frown, who would leave a torn apart teddy bear on my porch steps? Looking down to also see yellow roses that look like someone has stomped on them, along with a piece of paper, picking up the paper and took a quick look around me.

Seeing nothing but darkness from the evening and hearing nothing but the waves crashing from behind the house. feeling a shiver down my spine just as a shadow comes and stands next to me.

"Is that a headless bear?" I heard Grace ask, sounding like she has sobered up a lot more now.

"Yeah..." I sighed and opened the note up to read it. Locking my eyes on the words on the paper and took a deep breath in and out, as I read them.

You are to be mine,



"Okay, now I'm sober...Tori, you have to take this to Derek. Clearly, this is more than admirer from your past" Grace says firmly to me.

Tearing my eyes from the note and towards her, proud with how fast the fear of this situation sobered her up.

Don't get me wrong the headless teddy bear is freaking me out, but going to Derek isn't the answer, getting the hell of town is and that is what I am going to do, ASAP.

"We're not going to Derek, we're getting our bags and leaving right now" throwing the bear and paper back on the floor, before moving to head into the house.

I was wrong I think I put what happened years ago and what is happening now in separate boxes, I thought there was no way that they could be in contact not after all these years, but the handwriting is the same, the yellow roses are the same, I'm scared and I want to go home, which is what I am going to do.

It was a mistake coming back to River-Cove and it's one I won't ever make again.

Pulling out of my thoughts when I feel a hand gently pull me to a stop, turning around on my heels to face Grace.

"I'm all for getting out of town away from the creepy teddy bear killer. But you do have to tell the police about this first, and there are two detectives that are only a few feet away from us, be smart Tori this person could follow you back" She said to me, taking a minute to think about what she said.

After a few seconds of silence, I finally looked at her and nodded, she's right I have to tell law enforcement about this.

"Okay fine, we'll tell Derek but we're still leaving Grace. I don't feel safe here anymore"

Grace, nods her own head and pulls out her phone to take a quick picture of the bear and everything on the steps, for evidence I amused.

Taking one last look around, the shivers still running through my entire body as we make our way next door to Derek.

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