Chapter One - The Fall

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The Fall

Percy's POV

The Gods have decided, the demigod must die. That demigod is me. To cut the story short.

 I knew for a while this would happen, and I was looking forward to die. I had nothing else to live for. After the war with Gaea, things seemed brighter.

 But when my half-brother appeared out of no-where. He has weird blue eyes and pitch black hair. He was quite skinny and very weak. Something always seemed off about him, like he is not who he says he is. In fact, I haven't even learnt his name.

 He began spreading rumors about me being a spy and a traitor. Me being a spy for Gaea all along. Annabeth broke up with me, believing I was a traitor.

 The campers being blinded by whatever they see in my half-brother, believed him. More scars, physically and mental joined my collection, from campers torturing me to my half-brother killing my mom and Paul. I remembered crying all night from hearing the words. That was six months before I was told I would die.

 The Gods decided do something about and do the easiest thing and kill me. Very few wanted to save me, like Hestia, Hades, Hermes, Artemis (Surprisingly) and Apollo.

 I took one last look at the campers from Camp Half-Blood. Mostly everyone glared at me. Annabeth had her hands linked with my half-brother. He had a smug smile. His blue eyes pierced me. I forced myself to look back to the Drama Queen of Olympus, also known as Zeus.

 Zeus glared down at me, before throwing me off Olympus to my doom. As the air whipped my skin, causing terrible stinging. The clouds seem to darken as I pasted them.

 I closed my eyes, waiting for the impact of the hard earth. I knew I wouldn't land in New York. The wind was pushing me away from the city.

 With any luck, I'll land in Camp Half-Blood.

 As the ground appeared from the clouds and luckily, it was no-where near Camp Half-Blood.

 My life seemed to flash before my eyes, my quests, the wars, the betrayal, everything. But one memory seemed to appear over and over again.

 A memory that made me smile. One of the few good memories that had Gabe in it.

 Flashback starts

I was in central park, away from all the people, running from Gabe. Fresh bruises covered my arms.

How we ended up at central pack I don't know. I couldn't remember where mom was. But all I knew is to continue to run.

But I was four, so a small kid running from an adult wasn't working very well. Gabe was catching up. I could hear his pounding footsteps hitting the wet ground.

And just my luck my foot catches on a twig. 'Stupid Twig' I remembered saying. Tears streamed down my face as Gabe appeared. His evil grin sickened me.

I was breathing heavily. A part of me wanted to kill him, but I had no weapon to defend myself from his attacks. 'You're dead!' He screamed, showing his yellow teeth.

I knew he wouldn't kill me, but he would hurt me enough to make me want to die. His balled a fist and raise it high. Before he threw the punch, he screeched in pain.

He fell the ground, knocked out from the pain. On his back was a tiny cut. How that cause his to faint amazed my young mind.

Suddenly a young girl, which looked about my age, appeared. She has Auburn hair that went below her shoulders, with eyes that seemed to change color to the emotion she felt.

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