Chapter 14

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"Your mother got out before thanksgiving." my aunt Sharon tells me as we drive to some shopping center.

"Oh....." I say. Oh Is all I say. It's all I can think. I know she was in for trying to send her ex boyfriend weed when he was in jail. "She's ridiculous!" I think.

My aunt and I also go shopping together. Most of the time we don't buy anything we just go store to store looking at the quirky things thrift shops have and the elegant trinkets stores like pier 1 imports have. For as long as i can remember she's been my best friend. Her old apartment was like a second home to me. I can still remember all the little details of the little pictures on the wall outside her bedroom, painting Jeff's room for his birthday when he turned 16-i think-, how her coffee table had a slight wabble to it when you walked on it, and how i had my own special game on her computer,Freddie Fish. We've always had a special bond that no one can explain. "Where is she living?" i ask her after a few silent minutes.

"I dont know..." she answers quickly and turns up the radio to the "terrible" music i listen to. i know somethings wrong when she does this because even though she lets me pick the music, she never turns it up super loud.

"what?" i practically scream before turning the radio off.

"last i heard she was staying with boyfriend."

"A what??!!"

"A....boyfriend." she says, "charles i think is his namae."

"A new boyfriend? Already? Seriously? wow my mom the slut...awesome." i roll my eyes. " Last i recall she was still head over heels for Cole." it must be a fettish she has, you know guys with names that start like C. I think and imedietly shiver at the thought of any fettish she may have. "she must just need money. i guarentee she's not over Cole, there's no way they were together for i dont know how long. i mean they a dog together."

"I dont know Nikki. all i know is she's staying with some guy she's been with since she got out." i know my aunt means well by telling me all this stuff but sometimes she should just not say as much,

"what do you mean since she got out?" i ask with a sting in my voice.

"well it been 3 weeks since thanksgiving.."

"true." she has my number, she's called me from the clink a couple times. what if she calls me? I think, What if she doesn't call me? What would hurt worse? All these questions swirling inside my head that i cant answer. if she calls me i'll obviously answer but what would i say? what would we talk about? what phone would she call from? what if she didnt call? does she know i know? how could she i just found out 30 minutes ago! Will she tell me she got out? i dont want to talk to her honestly but i know that now that i know she's out i want her to call. This is way too confusing! I think to myself then turn my attention back to Aunt Sharon.

After our lovely "shopping" trip she drops me back off at my house. After i eat dinner i go upstairs and lay on my back so i can see the ceiling. I think i've spent more tme on my bed in the last 3ish years then i have in my entire life. something buzzes in my pocket and i reach down and answer it without looking at the caller ID. Bad idea!


"Hi Nikki! How are you?" a familiar voice asks. Its my mom.

"umm" i ask. holy shit its my mom. what do i say? do i ask her how she's calling me? with a phone duh Nikki come on I think to myself.

"im better. out."

"out what?" i ask forgetting who i was talking to for a second then imidiently remembering and wishing i had never answered the phone.

"out of jail"

"oh..." There's a long silence then i finally say, "Have you talked to Stan lately?" i ask awkwardly.

"About what? Im with someone now Nikki." she tells me so matter-of-factly.

" mean....Jesse?" i ask and regret it. I should know better then to bring up her baby she gave up last year.

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