12| Sweet Dreams, Preeti

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19th August 2017

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19th August 2017


The beginning of a new day.
The beginning of a new chapter.

It's a new day.
A different routine to follow.
A different way, to live.

And just when I was gonna introduce my protagonist, someone rang the doorbell. I groaned and lifted my gaze to the clock to look at the time.

3:30 pm

Who on Earth is at the door now?

I simply despised distractions, when I was writing a story.

I mean, you always need a peaceful, calm environment to let the words flow onto the paper.

But no. Life has it against me and that's why someone rang the doorbell at the exact moment, I was going to present my lead female role.

I trudged down the stairs and opened the door to see Aisha grinning like an idiot she is, wearing a white shirt with blue shorts. Abhinav was standing next to her wearing a sap green shirt, with his hands buried in the pockets of his black jeans. Standing behind them were...


Juleka and Luka. Juleka was wearing a purple top paired with black shorts but she wasn't the reason for the sudden tension that built up in my head. It was Luka who was looking so cool and hot at the same time wearing a black shirt with blue jeans. What was I wearing? Oh, I was standing there-with my eyes wide open-in my pyjamas. White top and baby pink shorts with the black round, thin framed spectacles resting on the bridge of my nose. My hair was in a small messy bun so I untied it, and ran my hands through it.

Thank god I have straight hair unlike Aisha.

I saw Luka staring at me with his lips parted as if it's the first time he was seeing me.

"Uh... What are you doing here? Wasn't the sleepover party scheduled for 4?", I said, whilst fidgeting with the hair tie, in my hands.

"Four? But Aisha told us it was 3:30", Abhishek said appearing out of nowhere. I was shocked. First of all, he was mad at me for not telling him about me moving to Paris, not less than 2 days ago and now he was standing, casually at my doorstep wearing a sky blue shirt and black jeans.

"Wait, Preeti said to arrive at her house at 4 but, Aisha said that she changed her mind and asked us to come at 3:30 instead", Luka said, who was as surprised as I was.

I simply glared at Aisha and she laughed saying," Sorry guys, but that was a joke. I just wanted to surprise Preeti."

My glare became even more intense and all she did was stick out her tongue at me.

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