I lay in bed, thinking of how our family outing will go tomorrow. My parents have been planning on taking me to 'Iceink', an ice rink on the outskirt of town. I smiled at the thought of how much fun I'll have tomorrow. 

The smile was slowly diminished as a thick scent of melted paint and scorched wood bounced off the wall. Its smell was bitter to my nostrils and seemed as if my brain was an abomination to the air. It choked me with how pungent it was. 

The oaky smell of fire permeated the room, wisps of silver-grey smoke curled and danced their way through the thick, hazy air as it exited to escape the gentle pull of the chimney. The smoky smell lingered on the fabric of my blanket. 

I placed my feet on the floor, panic engaging in down my spine. I was paralyzed with so many assumptions of what was taking place right now, but I forced myself to snap out of it.

I have to get out of here. 

I stood up from my bed and ran towards the door, oncoming tears stinging at the back of my eyes.

My fingers caressed the hot doorknob as I slipped on an unknown obstacle. I coughed again and didn't try to open my eyes as I blindly tried to open the door again. 

When the door widened, the radiation of the heat and blaze took over my body. My first instinct was to run, but then my parents came to mind. Mom and Dad. 

This main hallway branched off into three rooms; one open archway draped with sheer scarves dissolved into nothing. Smoke curled through the thin fabric and billowed in dense clouds of sickly scents into the hallway. Tendrils of it swirled up into my lungs as I breathed in deeply and burned invisible holes of foreshadowed diseases.

"Mom! Dad!" I managed to scream. I leaned against the wall, but instantly pushed myself away from the boiling hot and melting paint.

I slowly forced my way toward my parents' room when a piece of wood fell from the ceiling, blocking the doorway. I watched as the crimson orange flames crawl up the door of the master bedroom.

My mind threw two choices at me and I was stuck between running out of the front door or standing still in anxiety.

I wasn't going to leave my parents behind.

I use my foot to kick down the door, missing the flames by less than an inch. Even though my vision begins to get blurry, I can see both my parents jumping out of their beds. 

"Mia!" Mom cries, running towards the door with my father on her heels.

"Th-the fire. You've gotta jump!" My voice came out strained. 

"JUMP! You have to jump!" I scream. My mom's face stiffens and tears freely run down her eyes.

I take a few steps back, avoiding the patches of ash on the floor because I know one pound of pressure would send me rocketing through the floor.

They both jump, my dad after my mom. But I panic when I see Mom's sleeping gown caught on fire.

"MOM!" I shout. My dad immediately takes her gown off and throws it somewhere, the flames fully taking captivity of it. My mom is now left in her undershirt and underwear, but I'm too worried about what we might become of when the fire gets to us.

We ran towards the spiral staircase while the wooden railing sparked with flames. I held back another scream as I lead my parents to the entrance door. 

Someway and somehow I found myself on the front foot steps, staring dumbfounded at what used to be a beautiful red-bricked house.

Yet the only huge thing that caught my eye was my father exiting the house, falling down the steps of our front porch. I go to help him, but I'm too busy staring at the doorway, where my mother should be running out of.

Why isn't she out yet?

Flames engulfed the crumbling house, spreading their boiling rage through everything in their way. The wildfire grew more and wilder with each second. The dizzying heat from the blazes pulled me in deeper into the burning abyss as I struggled to fight it. The horrible scent of smoke reeked in my nostrils, scorching and sweltering hot. Sweat dripped down my forehead as I crawled away from the violently whipping flames, my limbs beneath me nearly collapsing. 

Some residual smoke hung in the air, shifting like ghosts in the breeze. Through the second floor window, I could see smoke in the what used to be my room like fog in an alley on a humid night.

In the distance, I hear the fire engines and police sirens endure the air as they get closer and closer to my black ashed house, barely holding up on its own.

I close my eyes as I realize that my mother is still in there, probably crying and afraid. I quietly sobbed into my sleeve, letting all of my tears go. I try to get up and run into the house to save my mom, but I was too weak.

That's when every single thing around the edges of me and my vision start to turn black. My ears felt like they needed to pop. The sirens around me turned muffled as I felt, was being lifted up from the floor and my consciousness slipped from my grasp. 

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