chapter 5

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"julia" liam said softly sitting down next to me "we arent going to hurt you"

"leave me alone" i growled and stared at the floor

"you know when my girlfriend found out what we were she freaked she didnt talk to me for 2 weeksalomost 3, but then she relizedi was still me being a vampire didnt change that."

"she knew you though,i dont know any of you" i hissed edgeding away from him"you cant just tell me that you are vampires andkeepme locked up in this bloody room for hours"

"where else can you go"

"uhh....... HOME!!!!" i snapped

"well you cant go home" liam said

"why" i aked

"cause"liam shrugged and i pulled my knees upto my chest

"cant you just leave" i said rudely and he sighed i didnt look as he stood up and walked out of the room i was in but i heard the click of the lock

i stood upand looked around the room we were still at the o2 arena and i was in one of the backstage rooms all that there wasin the room was a small black lether sofa and a dressing table

a dressing table!

i reached over to it and searced in all of the draws for a haair pin

a grin slipped onto my face when i found one. i crossed the room andwent over to the door and tried to get to work on unlocking it

fortunately for me it was really simple and i actualy felt a bit of glimmerof hope

i might be ableto get away!

silently i opened the door and slipped outside. i couldnt hear anyone nearby so i made my way down the hallway my heart raced wheni saw an exit sign. i hurriedly ran over to it as my hand was on the handle a voice spoke up

"where do you think your going love?"

i froze and i tured around to see niall abount ten meters awat from me with his arms crossed

"uhm i just needes some fresh air" i tried and he just chuckled

"nice try but you arent getting away that easily" he smirked and i yanked the door open and tried to run out but even before my foot moved niall was standing behind me and had my arms securely pinned behinf my back

"i just want to go home" i yelled and tried to resist as he started dragging me back down the hallway.

well you cant" he muttered

"just let me go" i shouted "please niall"

"i canr do that love" he said and shoved me into a room walking in after me. he shut the door behind him and i looked up into his eyes that were now turning a backish color

"your eyes" i gasped

"they go like that when i get angery" he growled and suddenly he was right in front of me with his lips touching my neck

"dont" i begged and tried to step back but he held me still

"hush love" he growled and i gasped when i felt something sharp graze my neck. he lips trailed down to my collar bone and i yelled out in pain when his sharp fangs went into my skin

"niall" i whimperedand he colvered my mouth with his hand and he bit down further but i eventulaly  pushed him away

and he licked his bloody lips and it was my blood

"you bit me! you just fucking bit me" i yelled and my hand went up to my sore neck

"no i didnt" he shurgged

"oh really" i snapped sarcastically "did i just imagine you biting me and am i imagining the blood on my collar bone right now"

"i marked you" he smirked "i dint bite you"

"marked me" i asked

"Marked you as in mine" he explained and my eyes widened "every vampire has a sole mate,its very rare that they are human but they can. you are my sole vampires who have human solemates tend to be stronger than vampire with vampire mates because if you have a human sole mate then their blood belongs to you" when he said that i gasped "your mates blood is like heaven, it tastes the best and it also maked you stronger"

There is no way in hell that you are drinking my blood" i hissed and he just smirked at me

"because you are my mate you belong to be you cant tell me what to do and i can do whatever i want to you"

"no" i yelled "we arent fucking soal mates! i dont belong to you and you certainly cannot do whatever you want with me"

Love if you run ill catch you if you hide ill find you if you dont do whatever i say ill make you , you belong tome now julia i own yoy" niall whispered dangerously and before i could blink his fangs were bared and i felt an agonizing pain in my neck

"fuck you niall!' i hissed and just then blackness took over me


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