Part 4: School Sucks

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Author's Note:

No shit Sherlock.

On the morning of January 6th I saw my story reached 70 reads. That's how many readers I thought I'm gonna have in Feburary lmao.

My friend and I can't thank you enough for reading the story I built and imagined from the ground up!

Preston's POV

It's a great shame Annabeth and Britt are first years. My class is a boring pain in the ass, and my statement is supported by the fact that it's history.

Of all subjects, why is history here? I would rather have chemistry, even though I suck dick in the subject, it's still better than this.

Does anyone care about what happened a hundred years ago? Short answer, no.

I'm curious as to what the girls are up to. They seem to have a good class with good teachers, and their homeroom teacher is an interesting one.

I know because she is also teaching my class biology, and she appears to have a lot of knowledge on the subject. She also gives out some really cool assignments, as they actually make you curious about the world itself.

I have nothing better to do... it's the first day. 4 periods that last 30 minutes with 15 minute breaks and lunch being a few minutes longer as well.

Evasedropping might be the best option here. There is no better place to get the tea other than in my class, we really are the worst class in history of the school after all.

'I heard the King is searching for the girl who bumped into him.'

'The one with platinum blonde hair?'

'Yeah, her... ugh.'

'What's wrong?'

'She has the guts to bump into the King then give him some half-assed apology!'


'What "so!?"'

'It's nothing new, he is used to it.'

What could the King, of all people, want with Annabeth? If she bumped into him by accident, what's the deal? Is everyone insane in this school?

No point in asking myself these questions, I better try to find Annabeth and Britt after this period ends.

The King here has a level of 6.4, the highest level in school, but one of his abilities is a total letdown. He is probably going to bother her about this morning.

Time Skip~ (My bad lmao)

How fast is this girl!? Annabeth is wearing that skirt, in which I doubt she could even jog.

I mean, school just ended, and she is probably running to her ride to go home.

I turn a few corners and look around, I only find Brittany heading into the bathroom to do her business. C'mon Anne, where the hell are you?

5 minutes later...

There she is! Down the hall, and- oh hell no. That's the king! This is some deep shit! I sneak closer, and before they could notice me, I duck into an open classroom and hide in the doorway.

I can hear them talking.

"You shouldn't use violence." Ah, a thing a true emperor would say. "Let the Queen and I handle the issue next time."

"Did you just not hear what I said, or you're just deaf!?" When girls like Annabeth raise their voice, your pants are threatening to fall down. She is actually scary. "I'm not going to sit around and watch powerless people be bullied!"

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