I'd Rather Be In Love With... You Part 49

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Part 49 - (Recap)

"I said I was gonna hold back, but I didn't say when."


  Slowly I climbed onto the bed and stood on my knees biting down on my bottom lip as I let go of his hand and gripped both sides of his shirt pulling him willingly towards me. His hand cupped my cheek under my hair as he smirked down at me before my hands rested on his waist, my eyes closing as my lips brushed gently against his.

"Why are teasing me?" He whispered searching my lips trying to hold back.

"Because I want you," I breathed out feeling a familiar pulsing from down bellow.

"I can give it to you," He muttered back as his lips finally crashed to mine only to pull away again, "If you want?"

This time my hands left his waist and entwined in his hair pulling his lips back to mine as my tongue danced with his. His hands gripped my waist before gripping the back of my legs as he sat up on the bed also on his knees.

Chris deepened the kiss before moving to my neck holding the back of my head as I moaned out in pleasure only to feel his teeth snipping on the side of my neck before he sucked tenderly on it.

"Chris . . ." I breathed out before he pressed himself against me pushing us back on the bed until he was on top of me, his lips traveling down my neck to my collar bone. I arched my back enjoying the shivers that traveled up my spin and made my whole body set up on fire.

My hands tightened into fist as I tugged on his hair as his lips moved further down in between my breast after his hands skillfully unbuttoned my dress leaving me fully exposed with only my bra on as his cool lips lingered on my stomach.

His fingers danced over my bare legs pulling my dress up so that my knikkers were on show under his as his hands teased me by almost pulling my pants line down and then stopping.

To tell you the truth, there wasn't much going through my mind apart from the pulsing, heating going on bellow and the way my skin crawled with lust at his every touch, my whole brain felt clouded everything I tried to think straight, every time I tried to question what was going on, so instead I let my arms flow free and grip the sheets as I arched my back once again moaning further as I dug my head back into the pillow.

I felt my pants slowly slide down my legs sending more shivers up them as his hands glided back up stopping once reaching near my area.

I froze, my grip on the sheets tightening as I realised I was completely exposed to him from down there, my cheeks burned red and I didn't look down afraid to see his reaction. As stupid as it might sound, I thought maybe it would put him off, I mean was it normal for a guy to just stare?

But my worry thoughts were finally cut off as I felt his thumbs rub smoothing circles on the inside of my thigh before I felt his hands travel all the way up my sides dragging my dress along before he pulled it off and threw it to the floor.

His lips crashed to mine once more but he tore them from me sliding back down once my hands had tore off his shirt and had run over his abs.

His hands gripped my legs but before anything could happen the sound of the door bell rang through the house and Chris shoot up as I sat up looking towards the bedroom door before looking back at an also extremely shocked Chris and both of us bursting into laughter.

"I really hate timming." He groaned running a hand through his hair and jumping off the bed pulling on his shirt and running towards the bedroom door ready to leave before he turned back to me just as I had slipped my pants back on. I was about to open my mouth to ask but I was cut off as he ran back in slamming his lips to mine for a quick peck and then running back out to the front door.

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