Chapter 3: Who Is He?

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Chapter 3:

Who Is He?

   “Olive!” I cried over the phone. She gasped at my anxiousness to tell her something.

   “What?! What’s wrong?” She said quizzically in a worried tone. I was smiling dramatically on the other end of the line.

   “I just met the boy of my dreams!” I said trying to hold back a huge smile which might’ve made me start laughing to myself.

   “Seriously?! Finally! Now we can go on double dates!” Olive said excitedly.

   I sighed, “Doesn’t mean I’m dating him. I just fell in love with him when we met.”

   “How’d you two love birds meet then? Tell me everything!” She demanded. I laughed.

   “OK, don’t worry.” I cleared my throat and began, “Me and Absol came around a corner where these two guys in complete black were attacking the boy with a Venusaur’s Razor Leaf and restraining him with Vine Whip. He was injured and I have no clue why they were after him. My first instinct was to help him and that’s what me and Absol did. Absol took out Venusaur and I got injured in the process too. The boy grabbed my arm and led me to a gap in the wall where we hid until they couldn’t find us and we escaped. I took him back to my house and fixed up his wounds and he decided to fix up my one too. He was so cute… but then he left so quickly I didn’t get a chance to ask for his name or anything. I hope I’ll see him again.” I finished. Olive paused for a moment.

   “So, after all this… you’re in love with a guy you don’t even know basically. You don’t know anything about him, no name, no address, no phone number… Talk about love, your life is so difficult isn’t it, Alice?” She joked. I sighed, she was right in a way though. I should’ve asked for his name when I had the chance.

   “Yeah… Now I feel hopeless…” I murmured. Olive seemed silent.

   “No, don’t say that. I’ll go looking for him with you, we’ll find him don’t worry; and you two will be wed and have babies by the dozen!” She said calmly, the laughed. I frowned.

   “Thanks, you’re so right.” I said sarcastically.

   “OK, but don’t worry. We’ll find him, this isn’t the biggest city in the world and we know a lot people here. Maybe we could ask them if they’ve seen him.” Olive suggested. I nodded but thought quickly about him.

   “We’ll have to do it sooner rather than later though, my image of him is fading fast ‘cos I’ve only met him the one time. Plus I’ve never seen him around here before… maybe he’s on holiday here.” I said sadly. Olive hummed and began to think.

   “We could think that but why were those guys after him then? It must’ve been a targeted attack because they didn’t let him go when you came in. Also, they were determined to capture him for some reason so he couldn’t have been hassling them in any way. He also doesn’t sound like he’s a lad of any description so he wouldn’t have been hassling them… I think he lives here and those guys have some nerve with him, but they need him for something.” Olive exclaimed. She sounded so smart just then.

   “Really? Well that’s bringing back my hopes now.” I said with a smile.

   “Yeah, well that’s what I assume though. Don’t expect that, he might not be visiting.” She reminded.

   “Yeah, true… let’s pray then.” I suggested with a half-smile which wasn’t as confident as I’d hoped. I really wanted to see him again. I think I do love him.

   “Well, if he loves you to then he might be looking for you too!” She said with a confident voice.

   “He knows where I live though…” I said blankly. Olive didn’t reply to that. “Look, Mum’s cooking dinner now, I think it might be ready. We can look for him tomorrow after school if you want.” I said.

   “Um, yeah OK. Can I ask if David wants to come? I can tell him this and he can help us look for him.” She asked.

   “Yeah sure, I don’t mind. It might be more convenient.” I prompted with a grin.

   “OK tomorrow after school then? Sure thing! I’ll meet you at the front gate of the school! See ya!” Olive said before hanging up. I fell back on my bed and placed my hands over my face, who is he?

Whilst I was having dinner with Mother, I told her about the boy I met. I didn’t tell her about the part which I took him home and helped him with his injuries. She doesn’t like me being home alone with a boy. I just told her how I helped him and he helped me and then we went our separate paths. I told her I really liked him ‘cos he was attractive and nice.

   “You only met him once, and I don’t like the sound of him. I think you need to still be wary about him.” Mother said—she always says things like that when I meet new people, especially boys. She’s always so protective and she won’t even let me hang out with a boy without her meeting him beforehand and her giving him a good talking to. She scares them out of going out with me and it gets incredibly annoying.

   “OK,” I lied; I don’t care if he’s a mass murderer. He looked after me and I looked after him! I love him no matter what… am I taking this too far though? I asked myself in my mind.

I walked up to my bed room after dinner and looked at my art table. I really loved art and painting and everything. I said to Olive that the image of him was fading so maybe if I were to paint him, I’d be able to remember.

I picked up a large piece of black paper, grabbed a 2b pencil and closed my eyes. I thought deeply and hard about his appearance. Once it was set in my mind, I placed the pencil up to the paper and started to sketch.

   “That’s right… I remember you… Stay in my mind,” I commanded the image to stay as I continued to draw. It took me an hour to get it exactly right and it turned out alright at the end. It looked like him! I was astounded by my awesome artwork that I got out my phone and took a picture of it and sent it to Olive under the name “Mystery Boy”.

   “Cool, that’ll make it easier to find him now, sick drawing by the way.” She replied. I sent her a smiley face and walked over to my window.

   “Where are you?” I whispered to the calming wind as I stared out the window onto the streets of Altomare. “Where? Just tell me…”

   A heard a soft whisper as I walked away from the window. I turned and gasped!

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