3. Go hiking, draw the view at the top

4. Put my art in an art show and place in the top three

5. Make friends with at least two people

6. Meet another girl who plays lacrosse

7. Get invited to a stranger's party

8. Watch fireworks on the beach

9. Sleep on the beach

10. Go to the zoo

11. Make s'mores

12. Meet a boy and flirt with him

13. Have a movie day on a rainy day

14. Go on a shopping spree with Liv

15. Have ice cream for dinner

16. Dance in the rain

17. Paint a landscape using only fingerpaint

18. Eat fried dough

19. Go on a rollercoaster

20. Make dinner for dad & Liv

21. Write a song for myself, play it for dad

22. Draw an amazing picture on the street using only chalk

"What'd you draw?" Liv asked me as I shut the sketchbook and put the book and pen back into my backpack.

"I didn't draw anything," I answered, pushing my headphone earbuds into my ears. I pressed play on my music and shut my eyes, letting the music fill my body.


"Em, wake up, we're here." Olivia shook my shoulder, waking me up. I pulled the headphones out of my ears and tucked all of my stray belongings from the car into my backpack. I put the backpack straps onto each shoulder and grabbed my duffel bag and my suitcase out of the car trunk. Olivia already had all her bags and she was long gone by now, in the house saying hello to my dad.

Before I walked up the steps to enter the house, I admired it for a moment. I've been here before a couple of times, but it was over three years ago. It was a really, really nice house. It was very large, especially for only one person to be living there. The house was right on the beach, the other side of it had a long staircase that went straight down to the sand. This side of the house had a regular sized staircase that led up to the main floor of the house. I adore beach houses, I just really do not want to be spending this summer with my father. My dad lives here, which is in Naples, Florida. We live in Daytona Beach, so it is quite a ride to go from Daytona Beach to Naples.

I slowly walked up the stairs with my bags and entered the house. My mom was rambling a bunch of random shit off to my dad and Liv was just hugging my dad.

"I missed you, sweet girl." My dad said, hugging Olivia. "Hey, Emily!"

"Hi," I said quietly. "Same rooms?"

"Sure," Olivia answered. I took my three bags and walked to my old room that I used to stay in. I dropped my bags all down onto the ground and shut the door behind me. I really did love this room, I always have. This house used to be our summer house, for that one year before my parents split up. My room was a navy blue color and had a nautical theme. It was large, and had one big window that overlooked the ocean. I had a small closet, but it was enough to fit my shoes and some clothes. I also had a dark brown dresser, which fit the rest of my clothes.

First, I unpacked all my clothes and everything that I came with, and then I got dressed. I had a pair of yoga pants on with a t-shirt, so I had to get out of those, if I wanted to make a good impression on the people here. I dressed myself in denim shorts with a plain white tank crop top. Under the top, I wore a turquoise colored bandeau and I had gold sandals on my feet. I left my light brown hair down straight and I did my makeup. I looked at myself in the mirror for a minute before deciding that my outfit was up to my standards for the day. I grabbed my bag, which was a long strapped brown bag that hung next to my hip. I grabbed my sunglasses off of my dresser and slid them on the top of my head.

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