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I like to listen to music while writing. These are some songs I thought would fit well with the book. Not all will be included in the actual story,though.

Anything-Swv (album version)

X's We Share-Jodeci

Treat U-Jodeci

Ain't 2 Proud 2 Beg-Tlc

Rump Shaker-Wreckx In Effect

I Wanna Sex U Up-Color Me Badd

Any Time,Any Place-Janet Jackson

Unbreak My Heart-Toni Braxton

The One I Gave My Heart To-Aaliyah

Not Gon Cry-Mary J Blige

Every Little Thing U Do-Christopher Williams

Cheers 2 U-Playa

All The Way-Playa

Silly Ho-Tlc

Let's Do It Again-Tlc

My Love Is Like Woah-Mya


Thug Passion-Tupac

I Miss You-Aaron hall

What About Us-Jodeci

Angel in Disguise-Brandy

Are U Still Down-Jon B,Tupac

Tell Me If You Still Care-S.O.S Band

You-Jesse Powell

U Send Me Swingin-Mint Condition

Love U 4 Life-Jodeci

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