Chapter 40

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Chapter 40

Kora’s P.O.V.

After six hours of being locked in the storage room, we had completely ran out of ideas to keep us entertained. We sang every song we could think of, took a million goofy pictures that were now plastered all over twitter and my Facebook page, had a clothes fight with the random articles of clothing we found in the cardboard boxes, and had a facetime call with Danielle and Eleanor who were back at the hotel. Now we were all laying on the floor groaning about how bored and claustrophobic we felt. Niall was especially starting to get antsy since he already hated being confined in small spaces.

He cringed when I laid my head on his lap, which made me immediately sit up and look at him. “Are you okay?”

He bit his lip and sighed. “I’m sorry. I just feel like this room is getting smaller and everyone’s getting closer.”

I nodded and settled for sitting beside him, but not against him. “I’m sure Paul will get us out of here soon.”

“I’M SO BORED!” Louis shouted as he rolled around on the ground, beating his fists against the carpet.

We all shook our heads at him, but inside I felt like doing the exact same thing. This was ridiculous. How could it possibly take six freaking hours to control a crowd of teenage girls? Couldn’t they just throw a bunch of shiny things on the ground to distract them and then take a Taser to them? It seemed like a brilliant idea to me.

“I’m starving,” Niall mumbled, running his hand across his stomach. My own stomach let out the sound of a dying whale when he said that, causing my cheeks to redden. Niall looked up and smirked. “Sounds like you are, too.”

I shoved his shoulder and rolled my eyes. “Of course I am. I haven’t eaten since breakfast.”

A collective sigh rang out in the room as we all thought of food and how desperately we wanted to be out of here. Just when I thought all hope was lost, the door to the tiny storage area was opened and Paul’s glorious face peered in.

“Good. You’re all still alive,” he joked, giving us a huge grin.

The six of us looked at each other before jumping up and slamming into Paul, making him stumble back a step from the force of us colliding with him.

“Please tell me you have food!” Niall shouted, hanging off one of Paul’s arms.

“How could you leave me alone with these idiots for six hours!” I yelled as I clung to the larger man’s neck.

Liam gripped Paul’s other arm, both of his own wrapped tightly around it. “We almost died, Paul! We. Almost. Died!”

Zayn fell to the floor and wrapped both his arms and legs around their manager’s left leg. “I never thought I’d see the light of day again!”

Louis assumed the same position as Zayn. “Daddy Pauly, it was so scary! Those five wouldn’t stop singing and taking pictures of themselves, and Niall wouldn’t share his food! He was going to let me starve to death!”

I shoved Lou’s chest with my foot, pushing him away. “Don’t listen to him, Paul. Ni didn’t even have any food.”

“Alright, alright, calm down. Get off me.” He shook off Nialler and Liam then grabbed me by the waist and lifted me off his neck, setting me back on my feet beside my boyfriend-I mean fiancé. “To be honest, I forgot where we had put you all and had to search the mall until I remembered.”

We stood there staring at the manager, shock on each of our faces.

I put my hands on my hips and shook my head. “And to think I wasted a perfectly good hug on you…”

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