Pirate!Spain x Reader

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This was requested by, LOTRAttackFairyTail. I also have another request from them that I will write some time this week. Enjoy!

Your one objective.

Get across the ocean.


Stow away on a ship.

When no one was looking, you got into a barrel that was about to be loaded on a ship, and put on the lid.

After a minute or two of waiting, you felt the barrel being hosted off the ground, onto the ship, and down below.

There wasn't much to do in the cramped little barrel so you decided to get some sleep.


You awoke to the sound of thunder and the ship rocking back and forth aggressively.

A hard wave hit the boat causing the barrel to tip over and you crashing out in front of two crewmembers on your knees.

One was taller and skinny and the other was short and plump, but they both looked stong.

"Look what we have John. We have a little stow away. What should we do with her?" The tall one got down to your level and looked into your eyes.

"Well obviously we take her to the captain Will. If he finds out we didn't, he will have our heads on his wall." They both grabbed an arm and lifted you off the ground.

You were taken out on the deck and to a man who had dark skin and green eyes. He had his hair pulled back into a crimson ribbon and had a great smile.

"Who do we have here?" The man flashed you a smile.

"Have no idea captain. Found her in a barrel below deck." Will spoke up.

"Take her to my cabin. I'll be down there in a little bit to check her out." He turned his attention back to the upcoming storm.

Will and John took you downstairs and threw you into a room and locked the door.

"Ouch." You rubbed your head and looked at your surroundings.

The floor was red carpet which happened to be damp. There was a bed with a portrait of the captian hanging over the bed and there was a desk in the corner. It was nothing luxurious but probably better than the rest of the crew is sleeping.

The door opened and the man with brown hair emerald eyes was standing there smiling

"Hola. My name is Captain Spain, but you can call me just Spain. What's yours chica?" He helped you to your feet and brushed some dirt off your clothes.

"_____. Nice place you got here by the way Spain.

"Gracias. How did you get on the ship anyway?" He took a seat on the bed and motioned for you to join him.

"I snuck in a barrel when no one was looking. I think it used to have gunpowder in it because it stunk in there." You rubbed your nose where there was remains of the gunpowder and took a seat next to him.

"Most likely. Would you like to change clothes? I have some clothes that might fit you."

"Okay. That'd be nice." He got on his knees and pulled a small trunk out from under the bed.

He opened it and pulled out a long sleeved shirt a pair of pants. They look like they used to belong to him.

"Here. I'll step out while you change." He handed them to you and walked out. You put on the clothes and they fit pretty well.

The pants were a little long but it wasn't noticeable since they sat atop your knee high boots that resembled some of the boots the crew was wearing.

The shirt was baggy but thick so it would keep you warm in cold weather. The pants also had a belt so you tucked the shirt into your pants and it folded over slightly so you had room to breathe.

"I'm finished. You can come in now." Spain came in and looked you up and down.

"Not bad. It's a nice fit. Why did you stow away on my ship if you don't mind me asking?" He went over to his desk and looked over some of his maps.

"Well, I received word that my aunt is sick and possibly near death and since she is all the way across the ocean, living in the new land, I had no way to get there because I'm broke, like everyone else back at home." You adjusted your belt a little and sat on the floor.

"Your aunt, which of the colonies does she live in?" He glanced at you as he switched the map on top for the one on the bottom.

"Massachusetts colony. There is a disease or something going around there. I studied medicine for a year or two so I was hoping I could cure it." You got off the floor and stood next to him, watching as he estimated the time to get there.

"The storm might delay us by a day or two." He mumbled.

"Did you say storm?"

"Yes. Don't like storms?" He flashed you a small smile.

"Not really, no. Never exactly been a fan." You shivered at the thought of being in the dead center of a storm, on a ship, and could possibly fall off and drown.

"Don't worry _____. As long as you're on my ship, you'll be safe." He pulled you into a hug and you hugged back. His clothes smelled like the salty sea and kind of like the beach.

"You've had a long day and it's nightfall by now so you you wanna go to sleep?" You nod and he let's go and pulls a nightgown out of the trunk and hands it to you.

Once again he steps out and gives you privacy to change into an ankle high sky blue nightgown.

You opened the door and he steps in.

"So, where will I sleep?" You asks.

He sits on his bed and holds out his hand. At first you hesitate but you take his and he scoots back and pulls you down onto the bed and pulls you close to him.

"Good night chica." He whispers as he snuffs out the candle, plunging the room into darkness.

Soon, his soft steady breathing tells yoi he fell asleep. After a short while, you fell asleep also.


When you woke up, Spain was gone. You changed into the clothes he provided with you yesterday and looked for him. It took you a short while to find your way to the deck. Spain was there pointing and giving orders.

He noticed you and smiled.

"Sleep well?" You nodded and looked at your feet.

"Wanna see something cool?" He asked you. You nodded and he took your hand.

"We'll have to climb to the crows nest so be careful." He grabbed the nets and held out his hand and helped you on.

At first it was difficult to keep your balance but you got the hang of it.

Spain reached the crows nest and helped you in.

"Look at the view." He gestured out at the sky.

The sunrise was beautiful. The colors blended perfectly. The orange and the purple contrasted like the stroke of a paintbrush. The sight was breathtaking.

"It's beautiful." You say as you look out at the sky.

"I'm going to promise you something. I won't break that promise either." He pulls you into another hug.

"I'm going to get you to your aunt and when you make her better, I'm going to make you a part of my crew." He put his hand on the back of your head and embraced you as if you would break any second.

"That sounds wonderful." You smiled and felt him plant a kiss on the top of your forehead.

You both stand there, hugging each other and watch the sunrise.

I think this is one of my favorite pieces so far. Before I wrote this I noticed I had 1.98k reads. 1st, I want to say thank you. 2nd I want to know what I should to for my 2k reader special. I am out of ideas. I will update some time this week of not tomorrow. Ciao~

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