Chapter One

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[Hi Wattpaders! This is a full-length story with 28 parts, about two college student "opposites" who get stranded together in Paris for 24 hours. This first chapter describes the night before they actually get stranded together, and from then on, each chapter (starting from the middle of chapter 2) will cover an hour in their time together in Paris. This story is like having a front-row seat to a surprising romance in the city of love (along with some humor too). Not only that, but if you love Paris or have ever dreamed of going there, this story will describe it in vivid detail. I hope you enjoy it! :-)

PS: I've been participating as a beta tester for the new multimedia functionality in Wattpad! With it I've been able to insert photos into my chapters, which is kind of perfect for this book, as these are my personal photos from my travels in Paris which I hope you'll enjoy :-). They are rolling this feature out to all users over the next little while, so be patient and start planning all the fun stuff you can add to your stories!---> and the following photo is from the Bastille Day celebration I attended at the Eiffel Tower in 2013]

                                                    Chapter One

                                                 The night before...

A group of rowdy young tourists stumbled along a side street in Paris, their American accents cutting through the late night quiet

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A group of rowdy young tourists stumbled along a side street in Paris, their American accents cutting through the late night quiet. "One more bar! One more bar!"

Rachel and Mira lagged ten feet behind, almost as if they'd rather not be associated with these ruffians.

These dozen or so students were a group of soon-to-be-sophomores from Columbia, who'd traded in half their summer for a special eight-week seminar on Art History. To say that most of the students had only applied so they could go on a two-week tour of Europe partially financed by a grant would understatement.

"We could always just go back to the hotel," Rachel said, staring at the girls up ahead with some serious cut-eye. Rachel and Mira were the only girls in the group sporting casual attire, their worn-out jeans and T-shirts a far cry from the tube tops and stilettos up ahead. Still there was a beauty to them both, with Rachel's bright green eyes popping against her curly blond hair, and Mira's South Asian features giving off that mysterious princess vibe. A princess in Converse sneakers.

"The only person back at the hotel is Professor Simpson," Mira said, playing with a strand of her long hair. "He's probably watching Pay-Per-View and giving himself a nice tug right this second."

Rachel cringed at the imagery. "Dude!"

"Sorry but he's going through a divorce, so you do the math." Rachel and Mira followed the rowdy group around the corner. "And remember when we took that wrong turn onto Rue Saint-Deni? With all those strip clubs with half-naked women out front? I totally saw Simpson's eyes glaze over."

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