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Chapter Fifteen| Leona

"I miss you, sweetie. When will you be visiting me?" My mother sighs as I FaceTime her.

"I miss you too, mum. I'm really busy with work at the moment but I will try to visit you as soon as I get back from Dubai." I reassure her and she smiles nodding her head.

"What about a man? Have you found someone nice?" She winks and I sigh, debating to tell her about Dario.

"Not yet." She sighs but nods. "How's dad?"

"He misses you sweetie. He's at work but he's taking me on a date later." She giggles in excitement and my heart warms at how happy my parents are.

"Well enjoy." I grin. "I better get going, I've got a da...a meeting." I cough and she frowns but nods her head.

"But isn't it like eight in the evening where you are, why on earth would you....."

"Bye." I quickly say before hanging up.

I then shrug off the dressing gown I had on to reveal my attire for whatever Dario has planned for me this evening.

I thought I'd dress up nicely because I love to make that man sweat.

A knock on the door grabs my attention, I take a deep breath and make my over and swing the door open to see a smiling Dario. He doesn't hesitate to crash his lips onto mine.

I pull away and grin up at him. "Someone's eager." I tease and he rolls his eyes, keeping his arms wrapped around my waist and leans down to bury his face into the crook of my neck. "So what have you got planned for tonight?" I question curiously, threading my fingers through the back of his hair.

I feel him shiver and then he pulls back to look down at me.

"I'm going to treat the princess like a queen." He winks and I raise my eyebrows.

"I'm excited." I reach up to kiss his cheek and his eyes widen at my gesture.

"Come on then, I've got a reservation for nine." I pick up my clutch and then Dario grabs hold of my hand and leads us out of my hotel room and towards the lift.


I stare around me with my mouth open in shock. This restaurant looks extremely expensive and I feel way too anxious to even step foot into the building.

"What's wrong?" Dario pauses to look down at me with a small frown. "We can go somewhere else if you'd like, it's not a problem." I shake my head at his words.

"It's fine. It looks like expensive, though." Dario chuckles at my words.

"Trust me, compared to what I've got you this is far from expensive." He smirks and I furrow my eyebrows.

"What do you mean? Dario, what have you got me?" I question and he chuckles, shaking his head.

"You'll find out a bit later." I watch as he pats the side of his suit jacket and nods his head before taking my hand and leading me into the prestige restaurant.

The waiter leads us to an outside area which overlooks some water. The view is mesmerising.

I bite my lip as the waiter pulls my chair out for me.

I look at Dario who just lightly nods his head, pursing his lips. I take a seat and watch as Dario, picks up his chair and moves it on the corner so he is sat closer to me.

"Can I get you a drink to begin with?" The waiter questions us.

"What you can do, is get us a new waiter." Dario, simply answers, not even bothering to look at the scared boy. He just grabs hold of my hand, rubbing his thumb up and down my skin.

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