Epilogue: We're Gonna Be Okay-

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    It took us just over a year, but this was it. I knelt down at the bottom of my sleeping bag and began to roll it up as tight as I could, pressing the air out of it as I did. Tony was doing the same beside me. He said, “It doesn't seem real.”

    And I said, “I know,” as I packed the sleeping bag back into its plastic bag, that I'd kept safely beneath it all that time. We were finally moving out. Kyle was out on another one of his benders, which was what we'd been hoping he would do. It was easier to move out while he wasn't around to try and stop us.

    “I can't believe Tyler actually works for Donna now,” Tony marvelled, packing his own sleeping bag away. I smiled at his shocked expression. Tyler had just taken up Donna on her offer for him to work at the café, until he found another job that would take him on. Tony and I were still looking for jobs, until then we were still working the streets and Tyler joined us every now and again, too.

    Finn had finished school, and was now at college. He still rented himself, mainly just for fun although the money came in handy. His mum had given birth to a little baby girl, so Finn now had a sister that he absolutely adored.

    A few months back he'd punched Maleek in the face after he'd had a fight with Finn's mum over not wanting to be in the relationship any more, now that the baby had arrived. It's safe to say that Maleek was now committed to staying with Finn's mum and being a proper dad.

    I was quite surprised that Finn was now forcing Maleek to stick around, instead of wanting him out of their lives. I guess he realised that since he wasn't living there any more, his mum needed someone around to help her out.

    I slung mine and Tyler's sleeping bags over my shoulder and grabbed the small plastic bag that was packed with the little clothes we had. Tony grabbed his things, along with Finn's and we both headed towards the flat door.

    Tony, staring at the keys between his fingers, said, “Don't you think we should leave Kyle a note or something? It doesn't feel right just walking out on him like this.”

    “He doesn't care about us, Tony, the only thing he'll miss is the income.”

    “I know, but...I don't know, three years of my life with him, and he was a good guy to begin with. It just...I don't know, feels a bit mean.”

    I tapped him on the back in a way of encouragement and said, “Come on, try not to think about it,” as I took the keys from him and let him out the door. I locked it behind us and dropped the keys to the carpet without a care in the world. I didn't feel bad for walking out and leaving Kyle with nothing. It actually felt pretty great.

    We walked the ten minutes it took to get to Finn's old school gates, where he promised to meet us at 6 p.m on the dot since it was only a short walk from where his college was. We were five minutes late in getting there, so Finn gave us a sigh of disapproval and rolled his eyes sarcastically as he took his things from Tony and fell into step beside us.

    “How was college?” I asked conversationally, smiling at him from the side.

    “Like school, only the guys are taller,” he waggled his brows, “and other things may or may not be slightly bigger in some areas that I shall not name.”

    “Don't tell me you've already set up shop. You've only been there a week.”

    “College boys are even hornier than high school boys,” he smirked. Tony looked kind of nauseous, staring between the two of us. “Where are we headed now, anyway?”

    “To pick up Tyler, and then I guess to our new flat,” I breathed in deeply and exhaled with a smile. Somehow, the air felt fresher in my lungs than it ever had before. The whole world felt like a brand new adventure.

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