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"Pleaseeee" I begged my mom , I was asking her to have another child "maceii you don't even know if it's gone be a girl" she said

"Uncle Cree what Jordyn having" I asked referring to his fiancé " a girl and we had our daughter 3 months ago" he said

"Ohh yea" I said , I'm a lil slow it's my mommy brain "ain't her name Ceyoné " I asked and he nodded

"So I was thinking about my wedding" I started as my granny asked why I wanted another sibling

"I want a maid of honor , but I want it to be my sister because why not" I shrugged "my sister Wasn't my maid of honor" momma said

"You don't have one and tete riah was your maid of honor" I said "I want someone special and close to me to be it" I said

"Nobody has a better bond than two sisters , and if me and the girls still cool they'll be bridesmaids period bestfriend or not" I said

"Why is that" gg asked "Because friends don't replace family no matter what , and if I don't have a sister it'll Be asya because she's my cousin" I told her

"It don't matter who it has they have to be blood" I said shrugging "who was your maid of honor granny" I asked

"Girl I don't re- oh tam" she said pointing "oh y'all was each other maid of honor , see mom sist- no she was mines I wasn't hers" she cut me off

"Why not" I pouted , they just made my point invalid "because she was pregnant and not doing what needed to be done so my bestfriend Andrea was my maid of honor and tia was my matron" she said

"Yo what" I asked "matron is someone who has been or is married and maid can be anyone" she said

"Who's Andrea" I asked since I've never met her "yea I wonder where's the amazingggg bestfriend of Tamera's is" granny smiled

"we no longer talk" she shrugged "that's right" granny smiled laughing "but she was soooo right for the job" she fake laughed

I knew they were about to argue as soon as gg started talking "ok but Jessica is still my bestfriend" granny yelled

"HUH MYKEL ARTIST CRYING" I acted like I heard some , they looked at me as I ran up the stairs

When I reached the guest room I saw mykel in there with artist on his face , when I laid in the bed artist looked at me

I took a pic of them and posted it on my Instagram because it was cute

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@colormemae  my babies in one photo 🥺🥰

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@colormemae my babies in one photo 🥺🥰. @artistcapri @imbadkidmykel

I was bored so I decided to scroll down my feed

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