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A young 7 year old girl with blonde hair girl and sapphire blue eyes(1) was waiting outside her childhood friends' house for 10 minutes, when the boy said she just needed to wait for 5 minutes. Then her sister came and waited with her. Being the impatient person she is, she told the boy to hurry. "Give me five minutes." He yelled down from his window. In two minutes he came down. "Hey Ran sorry I'm late!" The other girl looked hurt, 'Did he not notice me?' The two were having a friendly conversation, leaving the blonde out completely.

They were about to cross red light so "H-hey guys! It's the red light!" They just seemed to notice that and went quickly back to the sidewalk. "Phew! That was a close one." Shinichi, the boy, stated obviously scared what might happen if he didn't notice the red light. "How could you not warn us? Aren't I you're sister?" Ran turned around to ask you before quickly resuming the conversation with Shinichi. Anger had boiled up inside the little girl.

"Sister? SISTER ?!?! IF I WAS REALLY YOUR SISTER WOULD YOU HAVE TO LEAVE ME OUT IN EVERYTHING? BLAME ME FOR EVERYTHING? WHAT DID I EVER DO TO YOU?!?!" I screamed at the duo that looked shock because for once I wasn't quiet. "W-Why do y-you l-leave me o-out in e-everything?? Can't you talk to me?" The blonde got quieter and tears streamed down her face as she turned away and ran, as far as she can away from the duo. It had hurt her of course it had, her sister and childhood friend had betrayed her. Even worse she had started to develop feelings for the boy, so what is there to do now?

"W-What have I done to deserve this??" I turned around of course the duo wasn't there, but she had her hopes up too high. "Of course they didn't come after me...I should've known."

You were walking to a place that didn't look like a place you know, AT ALL. Then suddenly I crashed into a boy and a girl their faces mirroring the duo you just ran away from. You pretended to faint and hope they'd leave you alone.

But you heard the boy call someone and he put you in a car. He sat next to you with the other girl. Before losing out to darkness you heard "Jii please take us back to the mansion."

'Maybe this place wasn't bad after all.'


I'm Mouri (Y/N) right now I am 17 ever since the betrayal I was living in the Kuroba house hold. They knew magic tricks so I was entertained! However, I had changed my last name to (L/N). I am enrolled to Edoka High now and I heard that Shinichi went missing not too long ago. So I see flyers everywhere "MISSING: Kudo Shinchi" or "MISSING: Mouri (Y/N)", but I don't care about them anymore. I have new best friends now! Nakamori Aoko and Kuroba Kaito. They are really similar to Mouri-san and Kudo-kun (Yes on a last name basis now, ok?)(2) But they don't ignore me! Bye bye now!


(1)Oh I'm sorry if your hair and eyes aren't that color, but bear with me please. I can't find GOOD pictures of Reader-chan while she's young and a teen so please just bear with me.

(2)Ok so if you're familiar with a person in Japan you call them by their first name. If they're like acquaintances then they go by the last name.

This is my second Detective Conan Fanfiction. my first one didn't seem too good so I wrote another one. :D

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