La Beggening

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Maplekit Woke up at stretched her paws,one paw hit her sister,Sandkit.Cut it out Maplekit!!She Screamed.Sorry!It was an Accident!Sighed Maplekit.*Maplekit pads out of den*Why do they gotta be so mean?*Sees Leafsoul in the distance* Leafsoul?Leafsoul!
Leafsoul:Hey there Maple kit!
Maplekit:Hello!Hello!Hello!Gosh I haznt seen you in forevah!
Leafsoul:Actully I saw you yesterday and did Simone feed you Catmint?
*Climbs on Leafsoul's back*
Leafsoul:Maplekit! *Shakes her of into the Moss*
Amberleaf:Leafsoul C'mon! Frostclan is Invading Borders again!
Leafsoul:Again!?Well gtg Maplekit!Seeya!

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