(Reloading)Epilogue-Take Me To Church

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(Republishing since it got switched to draft. This is NOT new. Just putting it back up)

"Daddy!" Hanna squealed as he ran over to Church, who couldn't even get through the front door without having to pick up our squirming son. Tossing Hanna on his shoulders, he held his little legs and gave a small run, making our kid put his arms in the air happily as he made airplane noises. It has been nearly two weeks since we moved back to the apartment but Church has been so busy with his new job on top of his company work that we hadn't really had much time together. I was currently training to be CEO, since he said he wouldn't have time with his policework and only wanted the company going if someone he trusted worked at the position. A few people had been pissed they hadn't been promoted and instead had to train me, but they softened up after they realized how quickly I learned and how well I thankfully performed my duties.

At night both of us basically fell into bed after tucking Hanna in, and only awoke when the alarm drawled it's annoying hum come morning. The short few minutes we laid in bed before Hanna awoke was spent kissing and touching, but we never got much further. I was literally walking on pins and needles now, my fingers itching to touch my demon. After I'd finally come to terms with the idea that the only bed I ever wanted to warm was his, I had been seriously on edge to heat it up several more degrees.

Darn life. Why do you have to be so darn busy right now.

Huffing out a sigh, I gave my head a sharp shake and stood up, taking Hanna from Church's shoulders and running into the kitchen, holding him carefully. "Hey, that's mine!" Church shouted as I heard him run after me. I hunched by the counter but soon found his strong arms wrapped around both Hanna and I, making butterflies go crazy in my belly. When he leaned over and nipped my ear, I had to bite back a moan. "Pancakes for dinner, my Michael? Then a bath for Hanna...then my priest for dessert?"

"Hanna want dessert too!"

Oh god. You are never getting that kind of dessert! I will put a chastity belt on you!

My protective side simmered but Church just laughed and gave Hanna a kiss on the nose before releasing us to get things needed for dinner out of the fridge. He grabbed eggs, flour, milk, and a bag of chocolate chips. He held the bag up and Hanna grinned just as his dad did. "We'll mix dessert with dinner. How does that sound?"

Hanna clapped his hands as I set him down and he walked over to Church, holding up one hand, silently asking for chocolate chips. I knew he was going to get them, even though we both knew he understood that they had to go in the pancakes and he was just trying to get himself a few extra, but of course Church just tilted the bag and poured a few pieces into his son's hand anyways.

So whipped. As am I.

I watched as Hanna ran over to the new dog he'd affectionately called Hawwy, because quite frankly, the thing shed like no other. Even outdoing Max. When he stopped in front of it and began offering it a chip I quickly ran over and grabbed the candy before the pup could get it into its mouth. Hanna looked surprised and a bit upset, so I knelt down and quickly explained that chocolate made doggies hurt. His face paled and he immediately shoved the chocolate in his own mouth, making me grin and pat his head. "Go ahead and play with Harry, we'll call you for dinner in a moment, okay?"

He nodded and grabbed the poor dog, dragging it away without it protesting at all. When he was out of view I sauntered up behind my demon and slid my hands into the front of his pants, getting a loud groan in response before I had even grabbed him. Nuzzling into the crook of his neck, I began to nibble there as he did his best to distractedly flip pancakes. It wasn't working all too well but I gave him props for actually getting most of the food in the pan each time. By the time there were three plates of pancakes he was incredibly sexually frustrated...I'd know, I was holding a very stiff item and had gladly caused it with a gleeful smile.

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