(Sara’s P.O.V)

“Hey, babe” I turned my head to where Hayden was kneeling in front of Chris, his navy suit was slightly rumpled; but it did match his hair style at the moment . “Do you need anything while I’m out?”

“No, I’m good. What time did the detective say he’d be here?”  I asked as I got up and went to stand next to them.

“He said he’d be here in an hour, are you sure you don’t want me here. Because work can wait really…” He got up and looked at me, with worry in his eyes.

I gave him a smile and cupped his cheek, “I’ll be fine really, and I’ll call you if anything goes wrong.” I leaned up and gave him a quick kiss. I crouched down next to Chris and straightened out his collar, “have fun at school today buddy.”

“Okay, but I wanted to stay home with you.” he pouted his lips. This kid is going to break a lot of hearts when he gets older.

“I know, but I promise we’ll hang out after school and do a lot of cool things.” I pulled him in for a hug.

“Okay let’s go little man,” Hayden said, lifting Chris up and onto his shoulder, he walked to the door and opened it “Sara, lock the door behind me.” he said as he gave me one last look and then he was gone.

I walked over and locked the door, just like he said. I then turned around and headed to the living-room, where yesterday’s attack took place, Hayden must’ve cleaned it up after I slept. I took a seat on the coach and turned the TV on to a random channel. Too many thoughts were running through my head, I barely noticed the telephone ringing.

On the fifth ring I finally reached over and picked it up.

“Hello?” I answered. Please be a good guy… please be a good guy…

“Hi Sara, it’s Base.” The old man’s cheerful voice greeted.

“Oh! Hey uncle Base.” I relaxed in my seat, and muted the show I was watching.

“How are you dear?”  I feel like shit…

“I’m fine. What’s up?” I asked, because let’s face it I’m an emotional wreck right now and nothing can change that.

“Well I wanted to talk to you about your fathers will. I thought we could have the hearing on Tuesday when I get back, are you free then?” he asked.

Well if I was still alive… “Yeah, I think so.”

“Great! I already talked to Pairs and she agreed, but I’m having trouble locating your brother.” I sat forward at the mention of that.

“Wait… what?! What brother?”  I questioned as I uncrossed my legs and braced them on the ground.

“Umm… didn’t your dad tell you about his son?” I heard him clear his throat a few times, before answering again. “Well a few months ago your father received a letter from a former woman he knew… she had your father’s child and she wanted him to know about him before she died.”

Wow… nice going dad…

“So did he take a paternity test?” I asked, because let’s face it my dad was loaded and every women wanted a piece of him.

“Of course, it was positive. Your brother’s name is Andrew Judd, but I can’t seem to find him anywhere. And we can’t have the meeting without him present.” Uncle base let out a frustrated sigh.

Oh, this is an unexpected twist.

“Where does he live?” I asked eager to know about this long lost brother of mine.

“I’m not sure; last I heard he was in Texas with his friends. I’m sorry, but I have to get to this meeting. I’ll call you later when I get a hold of him.”

“Thank you Uncle Base, take care.” I said, combing my hair back.

“You too, sweetheart.” I hung up the phone and rested my head back against the soft cushions. I aimlessly stared at the celling, a million questions running through my head.

I had a brother… I blood relative… a family…

Why did my dad keep it a secret? Why didn’t he tell me?


Sorry it's been awhile , but I've been having a crappy month. And this is just a short chapter, but with a twist. I hope you like it and tell me what you think :)

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