Mason Deals with The Rogues

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Ezra's POV:

Once I got into the car I was on my way to pick up my younger brother, Asa. We may have not been related by blood but it felt like we were.

I was adopted when I was 3 years old by my father, he was so nice and treated me as if I was his own child. Even when his other son was born, he didn't neglect me, not once.

I felt so lucky to be his son, even if I was adopted, and when I say I'd do anything for him, I mean it.

Mason's POV:

Once I got to the packhouse I was greeted by my beta, Lex. "How's your mate doing?" I asked while we both walked inside the house and headed for the cells that were under the house.

"Well, she was stabbed. The doctor said that she'll make it but, even knowing that......I still feel anxious and worried." Lex said while he started walking down the stairs.

Lex is such an idiot! He should be with his mate, not me. "Then go to her, it's not like you have to follow me," I said while we both continued walking.

"Well.....I kinda want to see what you're going to do to them," Lex tried to laugh a little. What did he say? Them? But didn't he kill the other man?

"I thought you killed-" Before I could finish my sentence, Lex answered for me. "I left him alive, just kinda tortured him but I doubt he'll be able to hold onto the string of life much longer," Lex said while we finally made it to the cell where the rogues were held.

When I looked inside I saw one man was tied up to the wall and the other was on the floor. He looked broken and near death.

The man that was tied to the wall had a look of fear in his eyes, it made me excited. "So you're the ones who dared come onto my territory and hurt my pack members," I said while Lex unlocked the cell and I walked in.

The man on the ground was barely able to look at me. "Please let us go! We didn't know it was your territory!" The man in the chain cried while he tried to get out of the chains.

That was a stupid reason to let them go. It doesn't matter if it was on my land or not, the fact is that they tried to do it. I can't let the actions of these people go unpunished! Especially if it's members of my own pack that they hurt.

"Does it matter if it was my territory? I can't leave your actions unpunished, because you'll do it again in a different territory," I calmly said while I squatted.

I always found that when your calm as you kill them, it terrifies them the most. "Please I'll do anything!" He pleaded and cried.

Anything? I looked at the man that was almost dead and turned back to the man in the chains. "Is that your friend?" I asked him.

"Y-yes," he said, the look of horror still on his face. Lex was outside of the watching.

"Then kill him. Anyone who intends to hurt my pack members never leave with their life. So kill him with your own hands. And I'll give you mercy." I said while I unlocked his chains, stepped back.

He looked pathetic, "B-but I don't have a gun or knife-" he tried to laugh it off as if  I was joking, trying to convince himself that I didn't say what I said.

I didn't care for his feelings though, he could have his heart crushed a million times and I wouldn't care. "You have your hands. Or do you want me to cut them off?" I asked him.

He immediately got up and stood over the other man. "I-I'm sorry," the man said while he brought his hand up to the other man's neck.

So he's really going to kill him? What a weak spirit he has.

The man started to choke his partner, and a few seconds later the man was dead.

"Wow, you actually did it." I laughed while I got close to the dead man.

"Let me go, please. I did what you asked of me, so please you have to let me go!" the man cried as he held the dead man.

"Why should I? You'll die here, with your friend." I said while Lex handed me a knife.

"B-But you said that you'd have mercy on me!!! I killed my friend!" He screamed at me. Tears came down his face like a waterfall.

"I said that I'd give you mercy, which is what I'm doing. Instead of torturing you till you die, I'll cut you up. It's a lot less painful, trust me." I said while I walked closer to him, and watched him back up into the wall.

"But don't worry, I have a meeting I need to get to so...I'll make this quick just a little painful." the man had a terrifying look on his face, he really did look like he shit himself.

The real fun was about to begin!


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