Author's Note Regarding Chapter 2

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This a very song based chapter. I recommend listening to the songs that feature in this chapter either before or during your reading experience. It generally should enhance the reading experience. I know when writing this, I listened to the songs on repeat to tap into the feeling I was going for. Songs featured in order of appearance: (Pat Benatar) You Better Run, Hit Me With Your Best Shot, HeartBreaker. (George Michael) Careless Whispers. (Tony Orlando & Dawn) Knock Three Times. (Pat Benatar) Shadows of The Night. (ABBA) Andante, Andante [using ABBA version but the feeling I was going for was from Mama Mia]. (The Righteous Brothers) Unchained Melodies [Al Hibbler is believed to have been the first to sing the song. 1990 is when the Righteous Brothers sang it for the last time for the film 'Ghost.' I know it's a decade after but I think it is the best version. The song was written in the 50's. ] All of these songs are available on Spotify.

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