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A/N: What happened to Ash actually happened to my friend last summer lmao

Dear Luke,

No way! The drummer has a fiancée?! Dammit. (Hah, I'm speaking as if I ever had a chance with her.) I really like Courage My Love. I actually went to see them the other night as well, but I don't think it was at the same show, because I was also waiting at the merch table after their set. They're so much better live, I agree. Poor Ashton, though! That must've been so awkward. I would've died if I was in his position, seriously.

"Cold Blooded" is definitely my favourite song off their new album! Their old songs are really good too, the ones off their For Now EP. I especially love "Bridges". "I Sell Comics" isn't bad either.

The purple hair suits you :) thank you for the photo!

I don't really have anything to say, as usual. My sister is visiting from uni this week, and she reminds me a little of you. Always with a camera in my face!

But I'm glad she had it last night because I saw the CUTEST DOG EVER. LOOK AT THIS DOG. TELL ME HE'S NOT PRECIOUS. I LOVE DOGS. He was so tiny and soft and ahhhhh, dogs. I wish I had my own :(

Anyways. It's nice to see her again! I mean, we talk on the phone a lot, but it's not the same thing... :) Well, it's nice to see her again until she drags me into shoe shops and spends two hours asking me which shoes look good on her. Then I start getting very annoyed.


Ps: we're not having this argument

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