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-y/n dad just finished cooking-

"Hey! It's time for dinner,wanna go see if the neighbour boy is coming over?"

"Yea I will,give me a minute!"
I hop out of my chair and head to Tommy's house. Once I arrive I knocks on the door,expecting his parents to answer. Tommy opens the door.

"Hey,didn't expect you to be coming over,what's up?" He says.

"My dad wanted to know if you guys were still coming over for dinner," I say looking down at my feet.

"Oh yea,let me ask."
"Mum,dad,the neighbors want to know if were gonna go over for dinner!!" He yells to his parents.

His parents reply with a yes and tommy tells me they'll be over soon. So I head back home and helps set up dinner.

A couple minutes later I hear a knock on the door and go to open it.
I see tommy and his parents.

I greet them,"Hello tommy,and hello Mrs. And Mr. (Tommy's last name)."

I let them inside and they all sit down. I was too busy checking twitter on my phone to even notice tommy sitting by me.

"Hey,what's your Twitter?" Tommy ask.

I get startled Abit,"oh it's just,y/n l/n."

Tommy searches it up and follows me,"Thanks" he says and smiles.

I smile back

My father brings out the food and we all eat

-timeskip to after dinner-

My father thanks tommy's parents for coming over and right before they leave Tommy walks up to me and ask a question.

"By any chance women,may I get your number?"

I stands there in shock.
"Oh yea sure"

I give tommy my number and him and his parents leave.
While helping my father clean up dinner and put away the left overs my father looks at my and laughs.

"I think that boy likes you."

"What?! No way,we just met," I respond.

"Well he did ask for your number" my dad says.

"Dad that doesn't mean anything,he just wanted it so we could talk." I reply with.

"Sounds like a crush to me" my dad says.

"Yea whatever old man," I roll my eyes and head to my room.

I get dressed for bed and does all the essential needs before bed. Before i plug my phone in I get a notification.

(Random number)

?:Hey woman! It's me,big man aka tommy.

Y/n: Oh hey! Thought you'd never text me.

?: Yea yea very funny woman,btw thanks for inviting us over for dinner,it was poggers

Y/n: You're welcome,my dad usually doesn't invite people over anyway.

?: Oh that's not very pog of him

Y/n: Yea but it's whatever,anyways I'm heading to bed so text ya tomorrow

?: Ok goodnight woman

I laugh Abit at the thought of him calling me woman. I turn off my light and go to sleep.

Wow,two chapters in one day. That quite alot for me. Anyways thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy it so far!

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