Heartbreak Story

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Last we left off y/n and f/n snuck in a school festival and after a while a monster invited the stage to reveal some big news 

And that new was y/n secret identity while that was happening Y/n rushed out to stop it but he was to late 

Now were left with a shocked crowed with cameras live streaming to the whole muliverse 

Now let's see what aftermath this leads to

G.monster: Yes the identity of the Kamen Is Y/n L/n 

That is when everyone went wide eye at that Nobody spoke but it was broken by one person 

Y/n: Why 

He whispered silently but the monster heard it 

Monster: What do you mean why for you to feel despair but looking at you there is just pain and agony 

The monster replied with a solem voice 

Y/n: I will tell you why and the whole mulitverse can hear it 

He pointed at the crowed and the cameras then began to speak

(start sad music)

Y/n: Ever since highschool i was like Any other kid doing normal things but when I found my first love it changed I felt like nothing was going wrong for me in life but 

Not all good things last forever weeks in the relationship I found her with another guy and found out the truth of why she was with me and that was for my money

She was going to keep dating me and save money I gave her and after she was done with that she would leave with the other guy and dump me 

So I broke up with her when u told her I found out about her plan she did not care at all but then I heard the other broke up with her for not doing her job and became lonely 

She tried to come back to me with lies but I heard enough but you think after one heart break it should end no the pain continued all the way through highschool and college even 

My heart could not take all the pain using my powers and went to other worlds to see if I could find love again

BUT Y/n yelled out as clouds began to form and start raining people did not care but wanted to hear the story

My heartbreak did not end there every single girl I loved either cheated on me betrayed me or munipulated me 

Y/n fell down on his knees crying while continuing his story

At that pointed I quit love used my rider powers for the good of people finally got rid of the pain 

That did not last for long I got a sent videos and letters from last ex telling me they want to try Again and the videos of them doing things while saying there sorry and they want me back While their were having sex with other guys 

I went into a rage destroyed Bunch of enimes bases and after my rage was brodcasted to the muiliverse the letters and videos stoped 

After 1 year I came back to help but I still only feel pain after walking around I met my only friend I the world f/n we hung out and came to the festival to see what was going on

Y/n got up from the ground and looked at the crowd 

Y/n: Can I not also want to feel loved why do I got to carry such a burden 

Y/n cluches his heart then compoies himself 

Y/n: There is my story are you happy now how on the outside I smile but on the inside I die slowly 

The world made me this way the people who I gave my heart to made me this way 

Thats all I need to say goodbye and if you think you have it rough think about your heart getting stomped on 

After that y/n walks off with f/n leaving a speechless people and the monster he disappeared after the story ended 

The world was silent not one person talking no care honking just utter and complete silence 


After y/n and f/n walked out of the school they decided to go to a park  to cool down

F/n: Hey man are you okay 

Y/n does not respond just looks at the ground 

F/n: Ill just get us some drinks 

F/n runs to a vending machine leaving y/n alone but suddenly a figure goes up the y/n as he goes wide eye 

Now we see f/n running back holding two cans of pop 

F/n:man I hope y/n feels better

As he says that he can see a figure standing in front of y/n before he can shout out he hears something shocking 

Y/n: What are you doing here 



 one of my ex"





F/n: WHAT!

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