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Chapter 8

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✷ chapter 8 ✷

✷ Natalie

A couple of days later....

As soon as I opened my eyes I was met with another pair of eyes. Chris' eyes.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY NATALIE!" He yelled while jumping up and down on the bed.

I giggled as I sat up in bed and watched him act crazy.

"Thank you Chris." I said while he wrapped his arms around me.

"Your welcome baby." He replied while kissing my cheek.

We're not officially together but we have gotten closer in the last couple of days.

I blushed and smiled at him.

"What do you want to do today? Only thing I have planned for you today is a party and the rest is everything you wanna do. " he said still holding onto me.

"I actually planned on spending time with some of my friends , then maybe after that you and I could go out to dinner , and then we could head to the party you have planned for me." I explained to him.

He nodded his head in understanding. "Sounds great. How about you get dressed while I cook you breakfast?" He asked me.

I nodded my head in agreement. "Okay." I replied.

He got out of the bed and walked out of the room to go prepare breakfast.

I sighed before getting out of the bed.

For some reason I wasn't all that excited about today. I mean I know it's my birthday and all but I feel like something's missing.

After taking a shower and putting on my birthday outfit {MM} I decided to go downstairs and see how far along Chris is with the food.

When I walked through the kitchen door the smell of bacon hit my nose and hard.

"Breakfast smells amazing!" I exclaimed walking towards Chris who is setting the food on the plates.

"And so do you damn girl." Chris replied while planting a kiss on my neck.

I started laughing.

"Thank you." I answered back.

He nodded his head and he set our plates down on the table.

"Eat up!" He said sitting down in front of his plate and digging in.

I sat down too and begin eating.

Before we could finish eating we heard the doorbell ringing.

"I got it!" I said getting up out of the chair and heading towards the door.

When I got to the door I opened it to see my two best friends , Alyssa and Jasmine.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL!" They exclaimed while engulfing me in a hug.

I giggled. "Thank you guys." I said while trying to pull them off of me.

I love Alyssa and Jasmine because they both have wild personalities and there's never a dull moment with them. They keep me sane sometimes and I love them for that. We all have been friends since fifth grade.

"Girl you're living large!" Jasmine said while staring around the house.

"Right! I wish I could live in a house like this." Alyssa said.

"This isn't my house guys." I explained to them.

"Who's house is it?" They asked at the same time.

"It's mine." Chris said coming into the room.

He must have finished breakfast.

"Um guys this is Chris my uh my boyfriend. Chris this is Alyssa and Jasmine." I introduced them.

I know Chris and I aren't together but I still don't want Alyssa and Jasmine trying to come on to him.

Jasmine had the biggest smile on her face. "It's nice to meet you Chris brown!" She damn near yelled.

Jasmine was a huge fan of Chris.

"Hi Chris." Alyssa said with a small wave.

"Nice to meet you ladies." Chris replied while shaking both of their hands.

They both nodded their heads.

"So Natalie are you ready to go?" Alyssa questioned me.

I nodded my head yes. "Yeah let me just get my purse." I answered before walking to get my purse.

After I grabbed my purse I came back to see the girls talking to Chris.

"I'm gonna go and get ready baby but I'll see you when you get back." Chris said while kissing me.

"Bye baby." I replied while walking out the door with Alyssa and Jasmine following.

"WHY DIDNT YOU TELL ME YOU LIVE WITH CHRIS BROWN NOW?" Jasmine yelled while playfully slapping me on the back.

Oh lord.

Her birthday outfit in MM 🎀

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