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Dear Calum,

I understand... But could we just pretend it never happened? It's just too weird right now. Kind of awkward, too. Whoops. Sorry about that.

I finally got around to dying my hair! It came out a little brighter than I expected it to, but oh well. I actually like it... :-) I put in a photo, as promised. Thanks for the suggestion!

So get this: last night, Ashton dragged me to some concert because apparently they're really good and the drummer is hot. Anyways, so we were there, watching them (and yeah, they were actually pretty good) and after their set, Ashton and I went to talk to them at the merch table. We made small talk with the merch lady while waiting for them to come, and Ashton was just going on and on about how cute the drummer is. I was kind of just there, waiting for him to stop fangirling because I wanted to buy a CD, and the merch lady was practically crying of laughter at Ashton. And, get this: when Ashton FINALLY stopped talking about the drummer, the lady just looks at him with a fond smile, laughing a little, and says "Yeah, I know she's cute. I'm her fiancée". 

We both just stopped in our tracks, and oh my god you should've seen the look on Ashton's face! I was dying of laughter and awkwardness, and he was frantically trying to apologise but the lady was laughing too hard to hear him as well. And then when the drummer finally came to meet us, Ashton could barely look her in the face! It was priceless. The merch lady did suggest that the drummer give him a hug though, so I guess he got something out of all that after all ;-) I just thought the whole situation was hilarious. Ashton has a knack for getting himself into awkward situations, I swear.

But otherwise, the band was good. You might like them! They're called Courage My Love, you should look them up. They have this one song that's not too bad, um... Hold on, let me get my CD. Oh yeah, "Cold Blooded". That's a really good song. They're better live though. Next time they're in town we should go see them, if you're interested :-)


Ps: well, you don't have to believe that you're amazing, but I know you are.

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