Chapter 1 - She's One Of The Boys

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 I honestly DON'T know how to make this any more clearer - I am Australian, NOT American. I DO use Australian words and terms during my stories - since it's who I am! I am NOT going to change the way I write to make other people happy when all they need to do is read the little notes! 

Sorry if anyone reads this and automatically thinks I am being b*tchy for no reason, but honestly....if you had people constantly picking you up on words that they don't would annoy you after awhile as well. I don't see why my story should be picked on just because of a few Aussie words that I use, which come natural to me - I don't purposly go putting words in that I know will confuse people, but I'm also not about to re-arrange everything I am to change everything to suit other people.

IF there are ever any words or terms you don't understand - PM me and I will happily explain them, but PLEASE STOP telling me I am using the wrong words!! It's driving me insane! I don't go around giving other writers crap because they are using terms or words I don't use.

 Here is a rough explanation (you will understand this rant as you read on):

lolly/lollies    -   candy

lolli-pops    -   suckers

killer pythons  - giant ass gummi snake

wanker - idiot

sunnies - sunglasses

sook - being a baby

jumper - sweater? (I'm not entirely sure what other countries call them....)

singlet - either a thin strapped top or a thick strapped top (similiar to a 'wife beater' if anyone knows what that means)


~ ~ Chapter One ~ ~

     At the sound of someone clearing their throat, I froze, hand still holding the key tight between my fingers as I held it an inch away from the metallic black paint of a Mercedes Benz. Slowly I turned my head, but not my body to face the distraction, a small impish smile spread across my lips.....busted.

Principal Nelson stood there, arms folded over his chest as he stared at me, one eyebrow raised as he looked at my hand, "You're going home Eva," he informed me with a serious tone to his voice.

My mouth dropped open slightly and excitement burst inside of me, home! But what had changed his mind? We have been on first name basis since I started here a year ago, due to the fact I am always in his office every few days for one reason or another, doing everything I could think of to get expelled and sent home, and now he finally gave up on me? There has to be some kind of catch or something.

"Seriously? No messing around Jack," I smiled as I stood up straight and pocketed the key, hiding my evidence as I turned to face him front on, not able to hide the growing grin on my face.

Ignoring my question for the moment, he looked over at his car door, inspecting it, "Were you really going to key my car?" he asked suspiciously, turning those questioning eyes onto me now.

"Maybe," I shrugged, "But let’s not worry about that now - I'm going home!" I cheered, "You're finally free of me Jack!" The grin was still plastered on my face.

He smiled as he ran one hand through his slightly greying thin hair,  "Yes, I am going to miss you greatly Eva."

I raised an eyebrow, "Was that sarcasm I just detected?"

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