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|Uncle Mel's Grave

I grabbed my flowers and laid them on the headstone, Autumn laid her flowers there, MJ laid his and TJ laid his. Even though TJ doesn't know anything about him he's been there because he knows he family.

"Well, There you go uncle Mel. Fresh new flowers!" Autumn and I stated

I felt a warm breeze and when I looked back towards his headstone, on GAWD I seen him! My eyes wasn't close this time, I was sleeping this time! I was awake

"Autumn, MJ, TJ! Look look look" I said hitting them

They turned around

"What the f-" TJ said

Uncle Mel laughed, "Thanks youngins"

"Yo am I the only one seeing this?" TJ asked

"Nope" we all said in shock

"Why y'all so shocked? It's uncle Mel! It's not like he's satan." MJ said laughing at us

"Good one, nephew" uncle Mel said smiling

"Wow, you look just like daddy" Autumn said

"A little bit" I said

"Nah correction, Yo daddy looks like this fly nigha " he said brushing his chin

We all laughed

"Yo, you do what I told you Autumn?"

Autumn smiled, "Yes, uncle mel."

"Good, now y'all should get on back. It was nice seeing my beautiful nieces and handsome nephews outside da dreams." he smiled

"You knew we could see you here?" I asked

"Yep , that's why I said I'll be waiting." he said smiling big

I smiled

"We love you, Uncle Mel" we said

He smiled, "Love you youngins too. Don't tell nobody about this."

We nodded

He kissed Autumn and I cheek and shook the boys hands and we left


"Nah nah, it wasn't me. It was him and Mel." daddy said laughing

"Nah, Mama don't believe him. That was him and Mel"

I laughed


I got up and went and opened it, It was Vanessa and her brother Tee tee

"Hey Uncle Terrence!"

"Hey where your brother at?"

"I'll go get him"

"April, whose that at the door?" Mama asked

"Uncle Terrence and Vee. They here to get TJ!"

"Let em in"

I opened the door and they came in


//Sorry it's short I'm really tired for some reason//

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