17- hyung

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no one pov

taehyung entered the bedroom, skipping happily with the chips in hand. his mind still a little flushed from what happened with jungkook seconds ago. but he tried to push it away. smiling happily at jimin as he showed the chips.

"anyone hungry?" he asked happily. hoseok nodded of course. "me!" the older said. tae smiled and tossed the bag to the older. hobi happily opening the bag and digging in. jimin couldnt help but giggle at his hungry friend.

jungkook followed tae as he entered the room, sitting next to jin in his original spot. he looked at all the makeup supplies on the bed. there was- alot. he didnt really know what they all were but was very curious on how they would be used.

"lets turn on some music!" jimin said happily skipping to his phone on the table. tae nodded waiting for the older. jimin scrolled through his songs for a while. gasping lightly when he found the perfect one.

daisy by ashnikko.

at this point in time. the song had become his and taes anthem. like- no joke.
he quickly played the song, turning with a knowing smile after it played.

tae gasped when he heard the intro. standing up from his seat on the bed. smiling back at jimin. the older boys sat highly confused at what was going on.

"wait- i think i know this song." hobi said. tae and jimin ignored everyone, ready to pop off.

"You don't wanna see me bratty." jimin sang along to the lyrics. "pet the kitty, call me catty." tae sang back. the two the lyrics by heart, singing facing eachother as they switched back and forth.

"make your man call me daddy." jimin sang. "he talk too much, hes to chatty." tae went after. "ceo, im savy." "respect a bitch im a maverick." "flexible so elastic." "but dont you dare bend a bitch backwards." the two continued to sing back and forth.

when it came to the pre-chorus, jimin sang the first part as he always did. "Fuck a princess, I'm a king. Bow down and kiss on my ring. Being a bitch is my kink. What the fuck else did you think?"

tae doing the second part. "fuck a princess im a king. bow down and kiss on my ring. its gonna hurt it'll sting. spitting up blood in the sink."

then of course, singing together for the chorus. going the whole song back and forth with the lyrics. ignoring everyone around them as usual, in their own little world. (ya know, soulmate things).

the older boys were in astonishment once again they thought seeing tae and jimin dressed in cute skirts and big shirts, shinning with pastels was something knew. well, seeing the two like this (being the bad bitches that they are) was almost more insane.

and the one who was the most shook, was probably jungkook. the raven haired boy continued to stare at taehyung. he thought cute taehyung was his favorite side of him.. well he might like this side more. he felt very conflicted. 

after the song ended both jimin and tae fell back on the bed, giggling like little kids. going back to their cute personalities like nothing ever happened.

after a few minutes of giggles, the two sat up again. jimin standing and putting on some classic harry styles songs, which wasnt hard to find seeing almost his whole playlist was full of it.

"ok. now makeup time." jimin sighed happily at tae. the younger smiled with a small giggle. the olders continued to look at the two, now curious about the makeup.

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