Chapter 11

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Ivey-Rose's POV

"Race ya'!" I said to Soda, before smiling cheekily and running off. We were walking back home, make that running.

"Oh no ya don't!" I heard Soda yell behind me. He soon came running straight past me, he got 10 meters ahead before stopping to walk. It's revenge time.

I quietly ran up behind him and jumped onto his back, I laughed as he freaked out before realizing it was me. He then grabbed onto me properly before carrying on walking. It was dark and getting a little cold, but I didn't mind, I like winter better than summer.

We were about 5 minutes away from home when we saw bright headlights coming from up the road. Soda put me down and pulled me closer to his side as we kept on walking. You could tell it was Socs, well Soda could tell, I couldn't, since cars and me are like Soda and makeup, not good together.

The car was getting close to us by now, it was going extremely slow. I looked around, no one was around, and we just so happened to be in the area between town and the neighborhood, so there wasn't any houses around.

We kept on walking as the car slowly came to a halt right next to us. We stopped waking and Soda turned to look at them, keeping me slightly behind him.

"Well well, if it isn't Barbie and Ken?" Said a familiar voice, as 7 guys got out of the car. I saw him look over at me and smirk. I instantly recognized him, douchebag, I should really learn his name, this ones to long, I'll just call him douche for short.

He slowly walked over to me and stroked my cheek.

"How's It going little Barbie?--" he was about to say more but Soda cut him off.

"Get away from her." He said, pushing me behind him, even more, protectively. Douche just laughed at him. I could smell the foul smell of alcohol on his breath.

"Would you look at this guys! Ken's protecting Barbie!" He laughed, his face suddenly turned serious, and deadly. "deal with him." He said.

Suddenly, 4, of the 7 guys, jumped on him, punching him and kicking him. I could see the blood pouring out of his mouth and nose already. I screamed, and was about to run forward and help him, but I felt arms slide around my waist and lift me off of the ground.

I started to kick who ever it was, and scream, hoping someone would hear me. I heard a door open, and I was chucked into their car, the door then slammed and I heard the doors lock.

"Shut up would you!" I heard an unfamiliar voice yell, before I felt something hit me in the stomach. I noticed that there were 3 other guys in the car. I screamed again, but not in fright, I was in immense pain. Someone's hand covered my mouth, I heard yelling outside. I know why they got me to shut up.

The gang was outside.

I started to struggle around but I then felt someone sit on my stomach to stop me from moving. The car doors were then opened and I heard someone yell 'Good luck.' Before 4 more boys jumped in. The car then sped away.


I've been kidnapped.

I felt my body being pulled up into a sitting position. I was sitting on someone's lap, the person still had their hand over my mouth and they were stroking my leg, making me feel extremely uncomfortable at where this creep was stroking me.

"You're with us now." I heard him whisper in my ear, I recognized him as the guy who told me to shut up. He then started to nibble on my ear. I tried to pull away but his grip on me was to tight.

I was scared for my life.


Steve's POV (yes, it's Steve.)

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