I go upstairs and go into Eliza and Lilly's room to see Eliza hiding under the bed,

"Eliza? I'm going to the park on my own then, bye Nate, I can't find Eliza so I'll go by myself" she runs out of under the bed straight into my arms

"I want to go park too" she says sweetly

"Lets get you changed then " she nods going to her wardrobe picking her minnie mouse dress and black leggings I get her changed wiping her face with a wetwipe. I tie my hair into a messy bun and take her to the park.

Nates POV.

I chop the things needed for the curry and place them in the pan leaving them cook for a bit and ring Chris

"Nathan, how are you son ? " Chris say friendly,

"I'm alright, thanks Chris. Could you do me a favour and drop some clothes and Mickey down to Lex's? "

"Sure, I'll send them down in an hour"

"Thanks Chris " he hangs up I stir the curry , and then go to sit down at the table. Looking at my phone  to see i have two texts from one Sammy and the other from Ryan

Sammy, you still meeting dad Wednesday? xx

I reply saying yeah why ? x

Ryan, you up Lex's this week ?

Nate, Yep, helping her with her sister why miss me ?

Ryan, course I do mate  , you still on for Saturday though?

Nate, whats happening Saturday ? 

Ryan, Chris' pool party bbq

Nate, Mierda

Ryan, you forgot didnt you ?

Nate, indeed

Ryan, bring Lex and her sister, Eliza's the same age as Finnley and Sean right?

Nate, I'll ask Lex when she comes home,  talk later in the middle of cooking

Ryan, Later man

I check on my cooking and start on Lex's suprise pudding

Lexie's POV

"Eliza, come on lets go home, honey bee." I call as she jumps of the see saw. She runs over jumping up and down for me to pick her up,

"Not now honey bee Lexie's back hurts" she nods taking my hand as we walk home when we open the door I smell the curry Nate was making and see him sleeping on the sofa, there was a bag on the floor and Mickey and Minnie cuddled next to each other in hr kitchen.  Eliza runs up to her room and I cuddle into Nate as he wraps his arms around my waist

"Hello baby " he says kissing me

"Did I wake you? "

"Not at all mi amor" he kisses me and it turns into a very heavy makeout session and Nate ended up on top of me and I take his top off till we hear a gasp, we look over and see my mother with Lilly in her arms Nate gets off me putting his top on as i go over to my mother taking Lilly of her as Lilly was holding her arms out for me

"Hey princess," i coo

"Will someone explain what I've just walked in on !?" My mother asks, Nate nervously scratches the back of his neck and I go and sit down holding Lilly,

"Alexa and I are in a relationship Sarah," she looks confused

"Alexa I need wine, i only came to give you Lilly as she likes you better and to get a few things for your father" I give Lilly to Nate who looks nervous and go into the kitchen listening to the conversation

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