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 chapter two baby boom

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chapter two
baby boom.

Hermione rose from her slumber with yet another pounding headache. She checked her clock, which read 3:24am. She groaned and tossed over, her cluster of blankets covering her in a small cocoon. The dorm was silent, with only the low creaks of the floorboards settling and brief whistle of wind hitting the tower. Hermione had been putting off her headaches for the last week, ignoring Harry and Ron's urges to visit Madam Pomfrey as she felt it was simply due to her O.W.L's that where coming up. But she did admit, she never stressed this much over school, she usually had a methodical and planned way to approach things. It seemed like this was one of the few times she didn't have a plan.

The last thing Hermione wanted to do was get up in the middle of the night, disturbing the girls in her dorm and causing rumours or chatter. Parvati Patil and Lavender Brown where not her biggest fans as it was. The other two girls Fay Dunbar and Sally-Anne Perks where kind, but Hermione didn't really get along with them either. She tried to keep to herself when it came to the Dorms, she hated all the giddiness and girlish whispering. Her only real female friend was Ginny, who was two years her junior and not exactly a friend friend...more like a sister.

Her headache only continued to throb the more she ignored it. And soon enough, she began to feel vomit building up in her chest. She quickly stripped off her sheets, and jumped out of bed with her palm covering her mouth. She ran out of her dorm, down the dark and cold hallway towards the girls bathroom. She didn't want to use the one in her dorm, trying to avoid attention.

As she burst through the doors, and ran as fast as she could to the closest toilet, a thick outpour of vomit thrusted itself out of her now burning throat. She clutched the sides of the toilet seat desperately, her hair falling in her face and catching clumps of vomit in it. Hermione breathed heavily, closing her eyes and collapsing onto the cool tiled ground with a sigh.

"Hello?" A voice cooed, innocently.

"Who is it?" Hermione gurgled, her eyes faintly opening to look up.

"Parvati." The voice answered, to her shock.

Hermione felt utterly embarrassed, and quickly dug her face into her palms.

"Are you alright? I saw you run out of the dorm." Parvati said, crouching down beside Hermione. She had her long dark hair in a silky braid that fell over her shoulder, and was dressed in a silk red gown.

"I just feel terribly ill." Hermione replied weakly, looking at Parvati who seemed genuinely concerned. "I think i must have eaten something off."

"Did you happen to eat anything the Weasley twins gave you? They may have given you one of their prank candy things...or whatever it is they do." Parvati suggested, shrugging.

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