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Wednesday, 4 Feb, 14:57

Unknown: Hi there!

Me: You known that I am not going to answer, right?

Unknown: You just did

Me: Just PLEASE tell me who you are

Unknown: Why do you want to know so badly?

Me: Because I think the idea of you being a creep is pretty... creepy?

Unknown: I don't understand.

Me: Of course you don't

Unknown: What is that supposed to mean?

Me: Never mind.

Unknown: I don't understand, Jule. Why can't two strangers be really good friends?

Me: Because at some point they get interested in each other and who their 'friend' really is and then, when they meet, it turns out that one of the two is a creep.

Unknown: Why are you so sure I'm a creep?

Me: I think the fact that you start conversations with "Hi there" says enough


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