Chapter 5

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Adam's Taco's POV


Adam's POV

I stared at my watch, bored out of my mind thinking "Why did I agree to do this?" as a kept on munching my taco, I felt like it was somehow screaming in pain, weird right? "Adam, c-can I have a bite?" Ty whispered into my ear. "NU! MAI TACOOOO!" I yelled at him as I pulled it away, we decided to play Truth or Dare, after minutes of boring questions and dares, it was Ty's turn. He dared me to get out of the office and to walk around the diner, qnd as the rules state, I had to do it. I grabbed a flashlight and a random fork from the ground and held it in ny hand. I walked along when I heard a scurrying noise with a "Tee-hee" occasionally, I thought it was probably the ghost of the dead children that were murdered here a while ago. I tip-toed along the checkered floors when I arrived at one of the Party Rooms, when all of the sudden, she came. I found a HUGE gift box in the corner whrn it jumped out. Into my face. It was Applejack, this time more puppety looking. I threw my fork at her as I ran for my life when I heard "Its meeeee..."
"Adam! Wake up! C'mon wake up!" A voice whispered, I looked up to find Ty standing over me along with Seto. "W-where are the others? Where am I?" I asked Seto. "The others are fine, but what the heck is that puppet thing-a-ma-bob?" Ty answered as he pointed to Applejack. I explained the dream I had when I realized it wasn't a dream. It was real, Seto got an ice pack and put it on my forehead as Ty picked my up over his shoulder and took me back to the office. I just had my first near-death experience.

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