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        Aren started up his motorcycle and went into town. He was quite excited today because the tattoo shop him and his friends decided to open was finally opening today. It wouldn't open until noon thought so he had a while, and because of that he decided to get some groceries he needed for the week.

        He parked his bike and went inside grabbing a cart and heading around the store looking for things he needed. As he walked around the quiet store he whistled to himself thinking about the tattoo parlor. As you could tell, he was excited still.

         But as he went into the milk and creamers section he saw a small boy with baby blue hair trying to get the milk on the top shelf. He chuckled to himself and went over grabbing the milk for him. The smaller boy turned around staring at him. He looked about his age actually.

"Haha sorry I didn't ask to get it for you. I felt just felt bad for you watching you struggle to get it."

He gave him the milk as the boy stared at him. Kuboyaso thought he might've frightened him a bit with his scary looking face.

"You ok there little dude?"

"Oh shit yea I'm sorry" he watched him look back up to the milks and told him he needed three more of them.

"Oh sure of course." The boy moved out of his way as he reached up getting the three gallons of milk for him. He could feel he's eyes staring at him, it made him feel a bit funny. He also noticed how familiar he looked when it finally hit him.

"You look a bit familiar when I can see your face and not your back. Oh you work at that coffee shop right? Me and my buds went there and I think I saw you."

"Oh yea I'm actually the owner. We needed milk and they made me go get some."

"Well it's cool, we'll be seeing eachother more now that I think about it."

The boy started walking away with his cart "is that so?" Kuboyaso followed him smiling.

"Yea, I'm opening a tattoo parlor right across the street from it today around noon. And we liked the coffee a lot so we've decided to get some before work everyday." He said proudly.

"Oh, guess we will be seeing eachother a lot more. Except on Sunday's and Monday's, I'm off on those days."

"Oh really? We're closed on those days!"

'Wait why'd you say that dumbass no you're not! You're closed on Saterday's and Sunday's. Welp guess I have to do some convincing.'

"Oh hey the check out."

The small boy seemed to snap out of a daze and look over.

"Well it was nice meeting you..."

"Kaidou." He said with a smile.


"Well I'm Kuboyaso. I'll see you most likely again today." He said laughing.

Kaidou giggled and waved goodbye to him as he went into the line.

'Really cute. What the hell man you just met him. Atleast take him on a date before you start saying that!' He mentally cursed himself.

He walked away with Kaidou in his mind. Who couldn't help but honk at how pretty he looked and how fluffy his hair was. He could feel himself turning red and groaned.

'Stop Aren you just met him, you know what I'm just going to repeat that to himself throughout the day. Yes that's what I'll do!' He thought to himself.

And that's what he did. The entire day. Kinda atleast.

After going to the store he walked home and unloading everything into his small kitchen. He had just moved into this small apartment and only the kitchen was organized. He sighed and looked at his watch, two hours till opening. He only lived twenty minutes away so he had time to start tidying up his apartment for a bit.

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