|| Chapter 2

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My eyes might as well have been permanently facing the back of my skull. I was getting sick and tired of hearing Andrea's flirtacious giggles as her & Nate got to know each other. You'd think I'd be used to it by now. I've only known her since middle school. Back in middle school, we were both at the bottom of the food chain. Two loser friends sticking it out until the end. We had a buddy system going for no reason. We didn't even get picked on. We were invisible...together. But now it's just me who's invisible.

"Liv, come here!" Andrea shouted.

I was frustrated now, having to keep pausing my reading time like this. I changed my grumpy face as I walked out of my room. She was finally dressed.

"Yes dear?" I asked in a subtle condescending tone. I did my best to keep a fake smile on my face having to look at Nate again. She just met him and she's already got her legs across his lap, not to mention Gilinsky is still fresh on her breath. Toothpaste & Listerine, my ass.

"Nate and I were talking," she stated the obvious. "And we were thinking of doing a double date."

"Why are you telling me this? Sydney's the one with a line of guys at her door."

"No, silly. With you and someone I haven't figured out yet," she chuckled.

"Yeah you don't wanna date my friends, they're assholes," Nate informed me.

"Really?" I said. "Would have never guessed that."

Nate squinted his eyes at me but I also noticed the corner of his mouth slightly rising. I hope he didn't think anything I've said to him since opening the door has been a compliment.

"O...kay. So are you in?" Andrea asked. At least she recognized my sarcasm.

"Whatever," I sighed. "When?"


"Tonight? We just went out last night."

"Didn't realize you were middle-aged already," Nate had the audacity to say. Of course it caused Andrea to giggle. These two were made for each other. Andrea made a thing to always remind me of the part of my life I just got back and how I'm wasting it by aging myself. I guess she was right in a sense...but that doesn't mean I agree with Nate the Asswipe.

I ignored his comment and looked at Andrea. "I'm in."

She happily squealed. "And no wool dresses!"

"Wool dresses?" Nate looked confused.

Andrea rolled her eyes. "She likes to dress like frump girl sometimes even though I highly advise against it."

"I just don't want guys deciding to give me a chance just because of how I look," I explained. "There's a whole nother world to me and I feel sorry for all the guys that will never find out. I could literally be an expert at riding dick and they'll never know."

"Are you?" Nate inquired with a big look of interest on his face.

"Why aren't you...seeing the point here? You know what? Nevermind, I'm gonna get back to my book."

"What are you reading?" I hear Nate ask as I walked away.

"Like you care," I snapped back right before shutting the door.


The three of us sat in our booth at Dave & Buster's waiting to be served and waiting on my 'date' to arrive. Apparently his name is Sammy and he was in one of Andrea's classes last semester.

"I just love a casually late date," I joked.

"Maybe he got stuck in traffic, but I guess that didn't cross your mind," Nate replied with attitude.

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